New installments

By Kate. August 17th, 2010

The new installments of The Hafeem Saul are coming faster now.

In “A Moral Paradise,” Saul encounters the notion that to work in a nursing home is a moral paradise, because the decisions are so circumscribed.

In “A True Christian Should Wish Never to Die,” the unsettling Lackman provokes Dr. Pierce by suggesting that as a true Christian he should favor physical immortality: for the longer his life lasts, the longer he may be of service to others, while to go to heaven is a personal pleasure only.

A Frisson of Apprehension” brings us at last to Bonnie Akers, and Saul fears that he is personally at fault for what she has become. He may be right.

Those three are all interesting, funny, thought provoking and painful. But the next one cuts to the core.

Are You a Hafeem?” takes us to our deepest point yet into the horrors of  mortality, as Bonnie Akers reveals herself. There’s something majestic in the nightmare of who she is, and once you encounter her (in this story) you’ll never forget the meeting. Worse, if you go to any nursing home, you’re sure to meet some who reminds you of her. Are they all Hafeems?

After this, Saul goes home, and the story soon veers in an unexpected direction. –Kate


  1. c says:

    is there a point to help her, she’s a total veg from those mercury treatments?

  2. c says:

    i’ve re read what i just typed above. i do sound like a carleess prick saying that. it sounds like saul is helping her out of guilt as well!

  3. Kate says:

    I would say he’s acting out of a mixture of guilt and genuine selfless compassion.

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