Alternate transportation

By Strattera. August 20th, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that the leader of the red&white entourage arranges multiple alternate means of transportation each time one of the flights booked by the new “ghost child” arrives. In this post, I plan to show some of the more interesting.

Of course, there are autos and limousines. But prior to each occasion a set of helicopters and private planes also shows up, and then leave when it becomes clear that the expected person has not arrived. (Presumably, he is not traveling under his actual name, and so the deplaning passengers must be observed individually. )

Here is a photo of several of their planes on the ground together:

But these are very small planes, and notoriously unsafe. One can’t imagine a True Immortal risking a flight on one of these. I’m not sure exactly what they intend these for.

This other craft, photographed by Flyss as it flew overhead, is of a different caliber.

These are capable of flying on a single propeller, and can handle high winds. It is believable that a True Immortal would risk a flight in one of these.

Their organization also possess a number of construction-grade helicopters, otherwise known as sky-cranes.

In calm weather, these are solid as brick.

It’s a substantial operation, and it will be interesting to learn who it’s intended to receive.– (continued in my next post) Strattera


  1. c says:

    i would not be surprised if these planes were used to take people to remote areas, like secret bases or make private trips to VIP’s houses, that will never be officially included in the daily log.

  2. Observer says:

    Cool. A helitanker.

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