Agent of the blue&black

By Strattera. August 21st, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that we are now seeing increasing involvement of the blue&blacks in the vicinity of DIA prior to the arrival of a new “ghost child,” apparently serving as backup for the red&white organization.

I showed a photo of one of the many blue/black helicopters we’ve observed. Now, I wish to post an image of a person.

The photograph below was taken in San Francisco, when Flyss and I were out there investigating the Veteran’s War Memorial.

Blue and black

We actually didn’t identify him as anyone important until more than a month later, when we’d had time to go carefully through images we taken in SF. The photo above enlarges if you click on it, and the symbol is visible if you look closely at his blue coat on the left side, just beneath the button.

Here’s a cropped, blown up view:

(Again, click on the image to enlarge it.) If you still find the symbol difficult to see, here is a Photoshop-enhanced version of the above. The symbol (or the half of it that is visible) is inside the white rectangle.

You can understand why we didn’t notice this immediately.

Obviously, the man pictured here is not a True Immortal, but is instead a Hafeem or an ordinary mortal. But he is clearly a blue&black. And he’s currently present at DIA. He seems to be the only blue&black present, which is why I suggested that he’s functioning in a liason capacity.

Clearly, the Immortal Illuminati value the person who is imminently arriving.
Flyss will pick up the thread now. — Strattera


  1. Observer says:

    Wow. That is really hard to make out. (stating the obvious I know :P) What is that, an ‘R?’

  2. the one says:

    what does blue and black got to do with it iam clueless please explain

  3. Frank says:

    Its crazy that it’s in a $5 bill!! i always knew banks where corrupt but this takes the biscuit :P cheers for the blog there is some great info on here, im doing big research because im having a conspiracy phase of my life lol, thanks again -Frank

  4. Frank says:

    P.S. how did you ever find that ‘R’ its sooooo faded, your eyes must be amazing, as for me im squinting with my glasses on and i can only just make it out :P

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