Closeup of compound

By Flyss. August 23rd, 2010

As I said in my last post, I decided to get closer to that peculiar looking compound.

From one direction, there’s an endless corn field:

I used to play in those when I was a kid. There’s a trick to moving through them without disturbing the stalks. If you crawl carefully through the “corn tunnel,” you are truly invisible.

I got myself closer to the compound and took a few photos. I still wasn’t all that close, though, and the final stretch was too exposed to cross, as you can see here.

Given that I didn’t dare go out in the open, here’s the best photo I could manage:

If anyone has any idea what this is, let me know. — Flyss

P.S. The sky is remarkably full of planes around here.

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  1. SonataH says:

    They’re verandas, covered in a camo tarp.

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