Ghost child finally arrived at DIA

By Strattera. August 24th, 2010

(Continuing from Flyss’ last post.)

That VIP ghost child finally arrived. As you may remember, she’d purchased tickets for dozens of flights. Each time one of the flights arrived, her entourage would move into position. The plane would then unload; they’d watch the passengers deplane; she wasn’t among them; they’d stand down.

They acted exactly the same -this time too. The only reason we know something different happened is because of what Flyss had noticed earlier in the day. Though, in fact, she wasn’t consciously aware of what she’d noticed, and it didn’t click for her until she watched the passengers come in.

One of the passengers arriving on this flight (which originated in London) was a perky young woman with short red hair wearing a reddish dress and a beaded necklace. It suddenly struck Flyss then that the airport had too many women perky young women with short red hair wearing reddish dresses. That was it: the only sign.

What came next was a demonstration of supreme skill (and also proof that Flyss was right.) The woman who got off the plane entered the DIA train at terminal C, screened by red&whites. At terminal B, two similar (though not identical) women with short red hair got off from different cars. One got back on the train; another took the walkway. At terminal A, it happened again, except now there were four of them.

The various women we managed to follow got on one elevator or another, and when the doors opened often two such women got out  At the parking garage levels, at least two dozen red-haired women in red dresses got out of one or another of the sixteen possible elevators over the next thirty minutes. Many of those got into cars subtly marked with the red&white pattern. Others got into cars with no such markings at all. Still others walked back into the airport, some through security, and some not. A few we observed getting on helicopters or small planes. Most of them we entirely lost track of.

Here’s one of them, photographed with a blue&black plane behind her.

We’re taking the one clue we have and going over to that municipal airport, the one where Flyss saw the BH. — Strattera (Thread continued here.)


  1. c says:

    smart plan. i wouldn’t have thought of having 3 doubles but just a second one.

    is this vip ghost child related to the aussie in south africa or link with speed demon.

  2. c says:

    um yea not doubles.. wrong word…


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