Rolling from one roller coaster to another

By Kate. August 27th, 2010

Rolling from one roller coaster to another, from the story of Saul to the dramatic events of a red haired True Immortal arriving at Denver International Airport.

We now know something of the personality of three, and they are as distinct from one another as people can be. The Aussie slinks in the darkness; he knows no other; he is cautious, afraid, and self-involved.  Speed Demon is an explosion on a motorcycle, self-assured, confident, arriving from afar and racing past all dangers to seek safety among others. Molly is of a grander order; she ranks among the others; she is met on arrival by a grand entourage rather than left to forge her way alone: she is protected by many servants, some who create themselves in her own image; she is already part of a larger ancient story. (The Eldest is a being too grand for mortal understanding.)

The Aussie lives in the dark, Speed Demon in twilight, Molly in broad day.

My heart says: This is progress. What has been in darkness comes now into the light. – Kate

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  1. c says:

    do you have proof yet Molly is one of them? (i think i’m sounding like stephen here). people involved in the illuminati circle can be mind controlled to think like they’re really immortal or a super sleek cold assasin.

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