How we were misled

By Stephen. August 28th, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, it appears that we have been somewhat deceived. I discovered the deception in my researches, but held back revealing what I knew. Until now.

We have been waiting for the Aussie to arrive. Admittedly, while waiting, we have found two True Immortals. But the Aussie was the first True Immortal we detected, and, because we didn’t yet have the method of ghost children, finding him involved a great deal of  time and effort. And we had lost track of him. Naturally, we looked forward to discovering his current whereabouts.

However, several weeks ago I began to notice certain facts that raised fundamental questions.

I had been investigating the identity history of the The Bounty Hunter. To my surprise, I discovered divergences between the identity of the man we know now and the identity of the person who had been investigating the Aussie. Both were highly skilled professionals for hire. Both carried out investigations of Immortals and Hafeems. But using my current tools, I gradually uncovered a break in continuity. The Bounty Hunter we know and the one who has had been investigating the Aussie are not the same men.

How had we been fooled initially? The second Bounty Hunter had intentionally taken on the apparent identity of the first.

But surely Oxadrenals would know about this. The second Bounty Hunter worked for him!  And we had discussed the Aussie with him at length. Nonetheless, Oxadrenals allowed us to believe that the two men were the same. (To be fair, he has admitted many times that he is forced to deceive us on certain points.)

At  around the same time, I began to acquire some startling new evidence about the Aussie: It began to appear that the Aussie had already arrived. In fact, I discovered strong indications that he arrived almost one year ago. He lived for a time in Texas. And then he disappeared.

Then, about two weeks ago, without any prompting, Oxadrenals brought this very information to me. He gave me a satisfactory explanation. But he asked me to reserve the entire subject from publication for a period. As he gave solid reasons for doing so, I complied.

However, now that “the Big Show” is underway, it is safe for reveal what has actually been going on.

I shall now clarify many details. I will also reveal actual names. (continued in my next post) — Stephen


  1. Observer says:

    Where in Texas?

  2. Observer says:

    Nevermind. The story answered my question.

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