Naming Names

By Stephen. August 29th, 2010

Continued from my last post

(10) Now that the project has reached its climax, the extensive caution we have thus far employed may be relaxed in one of its elements.

(11) We have been calling Oxadrenals great antagonist “Antipollus.” But his true name is Alexandros.*

(12) NOTE: Though Oxadrenals is in conflict with Alexandros, this does not mean that Alexandros is evil. Oxadrenals himself does not regard him as such. There are many sides to this matter. It is a classic conflict of competing goods. Oxadrenals has taken a position, but he respects that of his antagonist.

(13) But Alexandros is implacably opposed to physical immortality for mortals.

(14) Thus the stakes in this final crisis are very high.

(15) There may be a battle.

(16) Oxadrenals himself is not sure he will survive. — Stephen

*Oxadrenals” is an anagram of “Alexandros.” This is another example of the remarkable gifts at word play possessed by our esteemed Hafeem colleague. For not only does it directly mock Alexandros, it is also a pun: The adrenals of oxen are used in Taoist medicine to lengthen life.


  1. me says:

    Oxes are castrated when they are born. This reduced their testosterone production, therefore they grow slowly (= they age slowly.)
    Testosterone is not only produced in the balls, which rely on the castration, but also in the adrenal gland, so the ox grows, but slowly.

    Wanted to post this before but i found it useles.
    Sorry for my F&^*%% up English

  2. c says:

    makes purrrrfect sense… there is speculation that Lady Gaga is an eloominati puppet and she has a music video made on her latest song about a lover named Alejandros! coincidence? i wonder if that’s supposed to be a cryptic message to all the eloominati slaves that Alexandros is the boss from the top echelons of eloominati

  3. c says:

    alexandros sounds mexician or greek or even italian…

  4. C says:

    (14) Thus the stakes in this final crisis are very high.

    someone’s gonna get hurt? alexandros going to launch a new disease and infect all the humans including Ox? that’s sad.

    But there are some people who can’t “DIE” anyway as long as they raise their vibrations higher than a third dimensional human being who’s here to experience the unknown, duality of life..etc

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