Physical Immortality Hanging in the Balance

By Kate. August 30th, 2010

Thank you for being so understanding, Flyss! I knew you would.

About physical immortality: It may be really happening. But we’re not there yet. There’s some kind of battle going on between Oxadrenals and Alexandros, with The Eldest playing a role as well. As I understand it, events are coming to a crisis at one or more large underground installations. It could turn out well, but it could turn out very badly. I don’t think anyone can know how it’s going to turn out. But we are really, truly, on the cusp.

Look for a series of important announcements soon.  – Kate

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  1. C says:

    it is stated in the bible, it has happened and will happen again no matter what the obstacles are.

    “Being born again, not of corrutible seed, but of incorruptible by the word of god..etc”

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