Posted with respect, but also urgency

By Stephen. August 31st, 2010

We post this with respect, but with urgency.

As our readers know, Oxadrenals’ and his group are attempting to offer the gift of physical immortality to the world; however, the Immortal Illuminati are (in good faith, and with good intentions) attempting to stop him from doing so. The current moment is therefore one of crisis.

We have already mentioned that a series of narratives about this conflict are about to go online. What we wish to add now is that these narratives will appear online automatically. Stephen has arranged the process. In his opinion, not even the NSA can stop them appearing.

These narratives are written from the perspective of various people involved in the drama. They begin in December of last year, and continue on up to the present. But the present is at a tipping point. We don’t know whether Oxadrenals’ project will be allowed to reach completion, or whether it will be suppressed by Alexandros; whether the world shall receive physical immortality, or it shall not. The final post has not been written.

If Oxadrenals succeeds, these narratives will represent a celebration and chronicle of this great moment in human history. If, however, Alexandros successfully suppresses Oxadrenals, the posts will still appear: and they will tell the whole human world who has deprived them of eternal life.

This is not a threat! We certainly don’t have the temerity to threat such a being as Alexandros. All we want to do is this: Alter the facts on the ground to influence your thoughtful decision making.

Within hours, we will announce the URL of the first installments. — Kate and Stephen

POSTSCRIPT: URL Announced here.

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  1. c says:

    Out of darkness
    Conceived was light
    Separation can be no more
    It is time now
    Bury the woes
    come together
    No battle of evil and good shall exist
    But wholeness and beyond…
    everything and nothing, all that is
    we shall roam and fly with the gods

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