Narrative 1: The Immortal Blair

By Stephen. September 1st, 2010

We will soon ┬ábe posting a variety of comments on installments of “The Immortal Blair,” placed as the first narrative of the chronicles of the Immortality Project. I simply want to note in advance that I have spent considerable time and energy verifying the facts in this narrative, and believe them to be substantially correct. (It seemed necessary to me to do so, in view of Oxadrenals’ admitted deceptions thus far.) — Stephen

[Editor’s note: It has become clear that Blair is the same person as the individual we had been calling “The Aussie.“]

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  1. rick says:

    Well it seems this is done? I know you say the virus has been unleashed but I think not. Death rates are as high as ever and the virus should have made it all around the world by now. But it was a great story, I only wish it were true,,,,,,

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