He left his dog to die?

By Flyss. September 2nd, 2010

Oh God, he left his dog to die. And he really doesn’t care?

Installment 5. The Work of a Master
in The Immortal Blair

I don’t believe he doesn’t care. I disagree with what you wrote, Kate. I don’t think he’s totally narcissistic by nature. It think it’s a reaction to how much he’s lost. He can’t bear it, so he shuts down his feelings. But they’re there.

He’s so terribly lonely. He’s been listening to all the things Menniss has found out by essentially stalking him (things that I’d found out too, by the way) and instead of just being horrified he has this reaction:

Blair found this third-person analysis of his life inordinately pleasurable; it had been more than a hundred years since he’d spoken with anyone who knew he was immortal.

Imagine it: No one knows who he really is. And has to leave everyone to die. — Flyss


  1. Observer says:

    He did find it pleasurable until he found out about the dog…

    As an aside, with these stories being posted, are you going to call it quits on the chase? I mean, are you continuing your investigations?

    • Flyss says:

      Yes and no. I’m staying far away from the actual site of the Immortality Project (presumably, somewhere in Santa Cruz county.) But I’m actually having an interesting time following in the footsteps of Blaire/the Aussie. It’s giving me an increased sense of who he is and what he’s like. It’s also interesting to observe the ways in which the narrative isn’t exactly true. Well, it’s true in the main, but there are distortions. Since we on this blog have had to do something of the same thing, I find this interesting in its own particular way.

      In any case, I’ll soon be posting some photos.

  2. c says:

    this guy is totally addicted to beautiful women and never thought creatively how to dispose of a dog alive and safe. totally stupid

  3. c says:

    so janice is in santa cruz?

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