Forever made whole

By Flyss. September 4th, 2010

In Letting go of everything, the 8th installment of The Immmortal Blair, we reach the flashback at the beginning of the piece. To go past it, Blair has to deal with his pain. And the way he does so is heartwrenching: He opens the window and lets the wind blow away the photo of Kathryn.

He let go of Kathryn. He let go of everything. He took refuge in the one companion he’d never have to abandon, this marvelous creation, this perfect body: immortal, forever renewed, forever made whole.

Now he’s free. He sees a city ahead, and says “it’s time to go somewhere rather than flee.”

But he’s always fleeing. That his whole life. I get it. There’s nothing whole about him at all. He’s deeply broken.

Yes, Kate, I’m a bit seduced by him. Is it the urge to rescue? To comfort? To reach him where he hurts? To heal?

And I’m rather jealous of Janice, because she gets to try. (But that’s in an upcoming installment.)– Flyss


  1. c says:

    i can’t blame him for “FLEEING”. Can’t trust a mortal with a secret of living young and forever unless they’re open about the idea of immortality and agelessness.

  2. c says:

    you gave it away. so she’s a mortal. Whatta disapointment. Ox broke his promise. she’s not some hot immortal chick. But she’s still a brilliant mortal chick….

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