Following him into the city

By Flyss. September 5th, 2010

I followed Blair’s route into the outskirts of the city. Here’s how he described it in installment 9.

The blocky rectangular form of a bowling alley pushed its yellow shoulders out toward the street, and he imagined the thunder of bowling balls, the friendly clatter of pins. Perhaps he’d go bowling. But not tonight. He passed the auto parts stores, labor agencies, used car lots, all-night liquor stores, pay day loan sharks, thrift shops, pawnshops, downscale strip malls, tattoo parlors, the typical flora at the edge of a city. He loved places like these, so full of gaps, of broken areas to hide in.

I found the city pretty much like that. Here’s the bowling alley, pushing its shoulders out into the street as advertised:

Here’s the auto parts store,

the labor agency,

the cash advance joint,

and the street as a whole:

“So full of gaps, of broken areas to hide in.” — Flyss


  1. c says:

    it looks like no body lives here

    • Observer says:

      Nah, it just looks like any city in the dead of night with the green lights on. Most people are home in their beds, & if not they’re flying so fast on the street you wouldn’t be able to pick them up well on camera anyhow…lol

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