Pilgrimage sites of the future?

By Flyss. September 5th, 2010

I’ve been following in Blair’s footsteps, partly to verify if the story is true, and partly just to get a feel for our lonely immortal. Also I feel that I’m the first pilgrim to visit what will be pilgrimage sites of the future.

As you’ll already have noticed if you’ve been reading along with The Immortal Blair, our guy has a tendency to paint his world in saturated colors. Here’s the apartment he had been living in when Menniss found him.

Fairly florid digs, wouldnt you say?

His neighbors didn’t have a lot to say about him, except that he was drop-dead gorgeous.

Here’s the Denny’s he arrived at in Kansas City. I found the waitress he flirted with there. She remembered him all right, even though it was almost a year ago! And she verified that he ran out of there chased by a big guy.

If the Immortality Project succeeds, these places will become pilgrimage sites. On the other hand, if the Immortal Illuminati suppress the project, these places will become pilgrimage sites anyway. Alexandros will have to have them razed to the ground and put up razor wire to stop people coming to visit what might have been. –Flyss

P.S. I notice that we’re back in the darkness again.

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  1. c says:

    what makes you speculate he’s going to do that?

    i don’t think there’s any thing secretive in these areas like under tunnel links but just that an immortal lived there…
    Might do some financial gains for the town…if we nosy peeps drop by and pose as tourists….

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