At the very beginning of the seduction, he finds himself touched

By Flyss. September 6th, 2010

In installment 11 of The Immortal Blair, titled “So Much for His Vow of Solititude,” Blair follows Janice into an all-night liquor store, which he describes as a “gaudy, warm hidden space, its vivid labels and brightly colored bottles a crow’s idea of paradise.” Bizarrely, the man at the cash register wears a button that reads “10 years of sobriety.” Blair may have his 10 -15 years of sobriety each “frame” of his life. (That’s how he describes the periods during which he lives in one place, before he has to change identities and disappear.)

He means to seduce her so he can hide from Menniss. He’s very good at seduction. Extremely good! But, to his surprise, he finds himself touched by her. — Flyss

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  1. c says:

    i find it odd, after centuries of living, he feels “lonely” as ever. it shuldn’t be that way

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