Can’t be a coincidence

By Flyss. September 6th, 2010

Well here’s an unexpected wrinkle.

In the very first paragraph of the first installment of the The Immortal Blair, he writes,

In the distance, the red lights of a refinery or fertilizer factory hung in the sky like ephemeral constellations.

The same phrase reappears in installment 8, and it soon becomes clear that Blair is on his way into Fort Collins.

Now here’s the interesting part. I’d driven into Fort Collins from the south, and so I missed it. But Strattera was exploring other approaches, and she discovered that if you arrive from the north east (which fits just as well considering Blair’s erratic route out of Kansas City), you see these in the distance:

Look familiar? They should. On her hurried way up to Cheyenne, Speed Demon paused for a considerable time right beneath those same red lights.

This can’t be a coincidence! –Flyss

P.S. Yes, I’d even used my images of those lights to decorate the Immortal Blair web page. But I was just fooling around trying to create something mysterious looking. I hadn’t expected any actual connection.

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  1. Merlin says:

    Synchronicity! Those “fortunate accidents” happen far more often than you might expect, if you are open to their consideration. I love this one; it just shows that you (we?) are trending in the right general direction. I hope the Hafeem Saul is successful, and that posting this story isn’t making his task harder.

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