Time is lighter than air

By Kate. September 6th, 2010

Installment 12 of the Immortal Blair,” has so much in it I think we’ll be discussing it for a while. It’s called Waiting Centuries for You.

Janice lives in terrible surroundings, and seems to be a badly damaged woman. But she turns out to have hidden depths. She might even be an Immortal. That’s unclear at this point, but her poetic insight is undeniable.

She’s talking to Blair about an Imax movie she saw. Here’s how she describes it.

There were two skydivers, a man and woman, doing tricks in the air before their parachutes come out. Somersaults, holding hands and spinning. They can’t do it forever, of course, or they’ll go splat. The man lets out his parachute first, all bright and billowy above him. But the camera is with the woman, and she hasn’t let out her own parachute yet. So you know what it looks like? It looks like the man is yanked up and away, really fast, torn out of the picture. But actually, he’s just slowed down, and she’s the one who’s moving. One moment he’s in her world, skydancing with her; the next moment the air grabs him and he’s gone.

The air is so light and thin. How can it do that? How can it grab someone and take them away?

But time is even lighter than air. Time is the lightest thing there is. And yet it grabs people and takes them away. Every one of them.

I found this almost unbearably beautiful. It’s certainly a description of what life is like for an Immortal: Everyone is snatched away from them. I’m beginning to more fully understand their loneliness. — Kate


  1. c says:

    i must admit, i was really put off when i first read the start of blair’s story but this entry is deep, and poetic with soulful experiences and reflection esp coming from Janice. she’s definitely truly a hidden gem

  2. Merlin says:

    I don’t think that Janice is immortal. It’s the tattoo. On you or me, a tattoo is permanent. But, on an immortal? Remember that Blair was looking at his body in a mirror, and saw no scar tissue where his left knee was shattered by a musketball. To an immortal body, it seems a tattoo would be interpreted as an injury needing to be healed. That would make all tattoos temporary, so why get one?

    Unless she uses tattoos as a way of marking time. When the tattoo disappears, it’s time to move? Just thinking out loud . . .

  3. c says:

    You sure bout that? Speed demon is immortal. she’s got a snake or dragon tat on her lower part of her right arm

  4. Observer says:

    There’s no telling. Speed demon’s tattoo looks to be relatively recent, as vivid the color is, within the past couple of years or so… I’ve seen tattoos fade on people, but the time it takes to do so depends greatly on the types of ink, needles, sticks, etc. & most of all the individual that was inked.

    Thinking out loud, a permanent tattoo could be something like a ‘change of pace’ for a time to an immortal. Looking at the same canvas for all time can be a bit tiring…(It wouldn’t surprise me if an immortal were to get ‘addicted’ to tattooing, or to self harm causing impermanent scarring.)

  5. oxadrenals says:

    “It wouldn’t surprise me if an immortal were to get ‘addicted’ to tattooing, or to self harm causing impermanent scarring.”

    You are unconcionably perceptive! Either that, or you’re one of my close buddies down here pretending to be regular public person on this blog. Is that you, “W” ? Fess up, buster. (Or don’t, if that’s bustier for ya!)

  6. Observer says:

    Bustier? Ha! …(well, maybe a little, LOL)

    I confess! I’m not ‘W’…

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