People around whom history turns

By Strattera. September 8th, 2010

Installment 13 of the Immortal Blair tells us that Janice is not an immortal.* This has disappointed many of us. And yet, Oxadrenals tells us that she is somehow central to the Immortality Project.

I think it is important to remember that a person’s importance to history does not necessarily rest on fantastic gifts. True, Napoleon’s phenomenal mind put him so far above the norm that he almost literally played the role of a lone super-hero. But other people around whom history has turned have simply been the right person for the moment: George Washington was the essential man for the time, and it is difficult to imagine the US Constitution becoming what it is if the framers didn’t have him in mind as the first President. But, while gifted in his own way, Washington was no Napoleon (or Jefferson, Locke, Hamilton or Madison, for that matter.) He was merely a human being around whom history turned. The same may be the case for Janice. – Strattera

*At least, she is not a True Immortal. She could be a Hafeem.

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  1. Merlin says:

    Or she could be a poetic soul who is otherwise exactly what she says she is – a mortal who has dealt with a lot of hard issues. The poetic soul would give her the introspective nature to have learned some deep lessons (once she took that step – two years ago, she says – of getting off the drugs) about herself and life.

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