Still alive down here

By Oxadrenals. September 8th, 2010

Not to interrupt the story, but I’m still alive down here, in case you’re wondering. In case you’ve entirely forgotten about me, I’m alive just the same.

Here’s where the clock stands now:

The Immortality Project narratives¬†will catch up to present right about when the clock reaches 100%. At least, that’s the plan. But, as the infant grandchild I never had will say when she’s on her deathbed: “Plans are like the suction cups of an amoeba floating in the eyeball of a small green frog hopping from cloud to cloud in a thunderstorm.” (Also, Alexandros has different ideas.) ¬†– Ox

P.S. Keep your eye on Janice. According to the Eldest, she’s the hinge of fate. Why? Because. I happen to like Janice, but that’s not why. Maybe there’s no reason why. Whoever said fate was reasonable? Not me. If you know someone who said so, make ‘em take it back pronto. Not wise to say things like that. Not when it’s raining small green frogs, especially.


  1. Merlin says:

    Janice is the hinge of fate? Hmmm…. that almost has a romantic sound to it. As if, perhaps in such a short time, Blair has come to care for her enough to want to find a way to keep time from tearing her away? Because she “gets” him? Food for thought?

  2. c says:

    You seem so confident this immortality project is going to work out but the government agencies from all over the world will be putting a price on your head because of what you’re going to do for humanity to EVOLVE….

  3. Observer says:

    I love that amoeba on a frog quote. XD

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