On the final installment of The Immortal Blair

By Kate. September 9th, 2010

(On the final installment of the Immortal Blair, “No one is Immortal.” )

He who loves himself so much / he cannot see others

Cannot even see himself / but only worships

the body that he wears

Has now seen two women:

Kathryn the mortal wife he loved / and now Janice

For whom to his own surprise / He risked

His beloved: His body

His precious self!

A slight crack / in the narcissistic armor.

A third person too he’s seen/ Saul, his mentor

Whom we have met before / and now have seen from two sides.

Abandoned and abandonee / still faithful to one other.

A fourth seen at last /the body that he wears

Seen with the mind

rather than just the passionate ardor of a lover

And understands why it does not age.

Steps toward humanity!

Yet, though he has lived

three centuries  / Blair has so much less soul

than Janice.

She is badly damaged / broken

Wounded to the core / and yet

Sheened from within with glowing life.

Soon we will hear her own voice speaking.


NOTE: Oxadrenals has asked me to mention that “The Hafeem Saul” is meant to be read between Narrative 1 and the not-yet posted Narrative 3. He admits that it’s written in a more formal style that some people may find it difficult, and adds that it can be skipped without missing any major plot points. I suppose that’s true, but  I highly recommend giving it a try. It tells so much about Saul, a Hafeem who plays an important role in everything that comes after. — Kate


  1. Jimmy says:

    We are meant to believe that the stories, such as the one about Blair, are in fact true stories? Who wrote them? Was someone actually following him around, or narrating an eye witness account, ie; from Blair himself?

    Please explain.


    • Stephen says:

      Thanks for asking. I now notice that this is not obvious on the site.

      There is a history to this, buried in the details of the blog. In brief, the narratives are written by Oxadrenals and his “scribes,” based on interviews, etc. You can read the genesis of this by looking at the Category “Narratives Origin” on the right side of any page.I will also be adding links in appropriate places to explain this.

    • Stephen says:

      Here is a relevant excerpt from the “For new readers” at the top of the page. Again, thanks for pointing out that it’s not obvious.

      In an underground facility within the redwood forests of Santa Cruz County, the genetic sequencing of a True Immortal’s genome edges toward completion. Eight narratives of this Immortality Project are being published in installments. These are non-fiction renditions of actual events leading up to the present day. The authors are Oxadrenals, Janice, and a set of professional writers. This page shows all the narratives in their proper sequence. The narrative begin in late 2009. The narratives will reach the present at approximately the moment that the sequencing finishes. There is a considerable chance of unfriendly intervention at that time by the Immortal Illuminati. One of the purposes of publishing these narratives is to help dissuade them from intervening, as explained here.

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