It’s not about his trustworthiness

By Flyss. September 15th, 2010

It’s not exactly that I doubt his trustworthiness. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what I’m actually feeling. It’s tricky. But it goes something like this:

Oxadrenals says that the problem with the Immortal Illuminati is not they’re evil. In fact, they mean to do good for the world. But the problem with them (according to Ox) is that they think they know what’s good for the world. So if the Illuminati shut down the Immortality Project, it will be to “protect us from ourselves.” They’re willing to make decisions — even big decisions — for other people. And that’s what Ox doesn’t like about them. He thinks it’s dangerous to be so sure about what’s right. What if they consciously have good intentions but unconsciously do things for their own benefit? After all, that’s rather typical.

But … doesn’t Ox himself take on a lot of responsibility on behalf of other people? Think about it: He has his guys kidnap people for their own benefit. Also, he’s sicced the Bounty Hunter (the real one — Richard Menniss) on people. Supposedly, he was going to have me and Strattera observe Menniss to stop him from going overboard.  Actually, that turned out to be just a way of keeping us away from the Immortality Project, but Ox obviously got the idea from something that had already happened: nine months earlier, Menniss had already gone overboard (cutting off Blair’s ear.)  Clearly, Menniss is slightly deranged, and, given that, was it exactly responsible of Oxadrenals to get him going?

And some of Ox’s “jokes” (like, recently, what “Zeke” did with Janice in installment 7 of The Mortal Janice) are kind of deranged themselves.

So, what if the reason Oxadrenals’ vilifies the Immortal Illuminati is that he isn’t the world’s most responsible person and they keep stepping in as the “adults” on the scene? Naturally, he’d resent them. But his opinion wouldn’t really be trustworthy, either. — Flyss

P.S. I want to credit some of our readers, especially “C” and “Observer”, for noticing some of these issues a while ago.


  1. C says:

    They can’t keep stopping humanity from evolving in any way. We can’t be stupid forever!

  2. c says:

    You’re not bashing him up. But merely questioning his motives involving this drama. So far, we got to know what’s the story with Saul, Blair and Janice but ox is a mystery!

    I still find it hard to believe he’s “offering” physical immortality to the world. No one does things without a personal reason. What is his gain for doing this?

    If i have lived much longer than most mortals. It would be the pain of seeing my future generations/people close to me dying off century after century that would be the biggest motivation driving behind the project. But not everybody wants to live forever!

  3. c says:

    i want to correct the last statement i’ve made:
    not every body wants to live longer

  4. Noneness says:

    Sometimes games make me want to strangle the player.

    Not everybody wants to live longer because they don’t feel they have anything to contribute or aren’t satisfied with mundane task.

    I say it’s the mundane task that turn into something worthy of contribute.

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