… = Oxadrenals?

By Flyss. September 15th, 2010

Continued from my last post.

I’d mentioned how Zeke’s behavior, while amusing, also had a dark, violent edge. But Zeke is obviously meant to be the same person as Howard of Narrative 2 –The Hafeem Saul. And in that narrative, Howard admits to being identical to Alexi, the man who came close to mugging Saul in Moscow in installment 3 of that narrative.

In other words, Howard/Alexi/Zeke have a distinctly weird and frightening side. But think about his:

Description of Howard: “The young man sported a handlebar mustache and goatee and held a silver-handled cane.” (From installment 8 of The Hafeem Saul)

Description of Zeke: “He wore a handlebar moustache and a goatee and carried some kind of funny cane with an ivory handle.” (From installment 7 of The Mortal Janice.)

Description of Oxadrenals: “He wore a theatrical handlebar mustache and a goatee…” (from our sighting of him.)

And, of course, there are other connections, obvious to those who have been reading the narrative.

If Howard = Alexi = Zeke also equals Oxadrenals, and we know that Alexi and Zeke have a real dark side, then maybe our friend Ox isn’t quite so cuddly and innocent as we’ve all been thinking. And, if so, than what if his “arch-enemies” the Immortal Illuminati aren’t so dark as he’s led us to believe?

It’s worth thinking about, anyway. — Flyss

(For new readers: All of the narratives cited here are accessible, and arranged chronologically, here.)


  1. Merlin says:

    Those are certainly valid enough thoughts to justify staying on “Yellow Alert” at least (to borrow a Star Trek reference). However, perhaps they are also testing our ability to make reasoned deductions, and pursue a course of potential risk despite the (possibly valid) reasons not to. You know – how do we respond to situations where fear could prevent us from reaching our goals?

    I know I’m not explaining myself very well this morning. My military disability is acting up (I’ve been pushing myself past my doctor-imposed limits for the last 2 days) and I can hardly think, let alone go out and do more yard mowing today.

  2. Merlin says:

    Oh great – more storms moving into the area. At least now I know why the disability is acting up so badly. I’m going off-line until they pass.

  3. SonataH says:

    How very interesting Merlin.

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