The woman in the bar = ?

By Strattera. September 17th, 2010

I wonder if anyone else shares my guess about the identity of the woman who met Blair in the bar in Installment 8. Here’s the description:

She was very feminine and tiny. Asian, I think. But utterly sure of herself.”

She essentially dares Blair to abandon Saul, in a maneuver calculated to cause Saul immense anguish; and if my guess is right, it is a maneuver acted out with gusto by someone Saul trusts and reveres.

And then, 75 years later, that same person commands Saul to return to the scene of where he was so badly hurt, and to “cease penance and live!” (as described in the early part of The Hafeem Saul.)¬†Possibly this is all some kind of cruel kindness intended to help him grow and develop, but it is breathtakingly manipulative.

Much as I am enjoying my conversations with Soraya’s representative, there is no question that these people, too, are masters of the art manipulating people for their (supposed) own good. If Oxadrenals is a brazen manipulator, he is in good company.¬†- Strattera


  1. C says:

    Saul, the eldest, Ox, blair.. they all do the same the thing. I don’t really know what’s really real or not anymore.

  2. Flyss says:

    How has Saul manipulated or deceived anyone?

  3. c says:

    yeah the wives he married to and using blair as his emotional crutch.

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