By Soraya. September 18th, 2010

Greetings, friends. We, the Immortal “Illuminati” thank you for the gracious permission to speak here, and explain in our own voice what we seek to do, and why. I, Soraya, speak.

To begin, I must congratulate the authors of this “blog” on their investigations. They (and I must credit the sadly deceased Glenn especially) have discovered much that we had thought not discoverable. And yet, they have not flagrantly broached their discoveries, but have chastely and judiciously hidden that which would create for ourselves risk and threaten harm. This shows wisdom and prudence. Only of late have they strayed from this path, having set in motion a process that may reveal certain facts we do not wish revealed. Yet they did this for a reason we can profoundly understand: They wish immortality, and fear that we shall act to withhold it from them.

Alas, we feel that we cannot allay this fear, for it is true that we wish to prevent humanity at large from speedily becoming immortal. Slowly, yes, in gradual advancement of span of life, with time to learn and modify the habits of mortal life to fit the contours of the infinite. But not in one great leap, pray God. Months ago, the young Flyss herself foresaw the disaster, using these vivid words:

If people don’t die, earth’s population goes through the roof.  If you live forever, even a one-child policy like China has leads to crazy overpopulation. So what are we going to do, talk the whole world into not having kids? Never going to happen.  Will we just run out of resources so that everyone starves? Not going to happen either. The super rich and the super connected are going to get immortality first. And then they’re going to take control and make sure they and their family and their friends have whatever they need.

The brilliantly analytical mind of Stephen further explored the issue utilizing the new mathematical science known as “game theory,” and arrived at conclusions that we, with our long if unformalized experience of such matters, fully endorse. His thoughts are too richly detailed for me to quote, and I suggest following the linked thread of his analysis both forward and backwards from the point of access just provided. I would summarize what he says in brief as the risk of pre-emption by the more powerful newly immortal on behalf of themselves against the world.

Preemptive war is not, as some would think, a new invention. In my childhood, during the age you identify with the metal bronze, those rulers of cities who did not strike their neighbors early were struck by them an destroyed. Thus began the terrible, endless cycle of wars. The current text War in Human Civilization by Azar Gat (brought to my attention by Stephen) brilliantly exposits these patterns.

However, Stephen makes one error in his analysis: He supposes that we ourselves are at war with humanity, to preserve our own privilege. This I would deny. We have lived long enough to no longer value ourselves for our own sake, but have abstracted that sense of self-valuation onto the entire human world. We wish only good for the world; all that we do aims for that end; and though we are certainly capable of error, we have great wealth in experience. We think with all the profundity we are capable of before we act, and when we do intervene, we do so steeped in care and planning.

This is in contrast to the heartful, impulsive, well-intentioned but terribly, terribly unwise actions of the “incandescent” Oxadrenals. He is a man of great vitality and humor, but not, alas, one who has the temperament for making great decisions wisely.

Thus, we do indeed wish to suppress his Immortality Project, not for our own good but for the good of all.  We agree, however, with several of your readers, that this is unlikely. There are many obstacles.  But science has overcome so many obstacles, and produced so many unlikely results, that we must take precautions. And so we have. We are confident that if this disastrous project reaches the brink of success, The Eldest will remove her staying hand and allow us to save humanity from the great horror of universally available immortality.

There is more to say, but I have stretched the medium already. We understand that if the current series of narratives is allowed to be posted without interference, the automatic publication of more damaging narratives will not occur (via an intricate mechanism designed by Stephen, whose capacities in this regard we entirely respect.) Therefore, we shall not interfere. We ask only to see the entire text of each narrative before it is posted, so we can take protective actions if needed.

Thank you all, again, for permitting me this post. I shall answer questions if they are raised respectfully and with serious intent. – Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.



  1. Observer says:

    “the automatic publication of more damaging narratives will not occur”

    Wait. What does that mean? It was led to believe “all will be revealed”… Was that not true?

    ~(I don’t mean to imply anything the slightest bit nefarious here, not even sarcasm. It is a serious question.)

    • Stephen says:

      As usual, you are a supremely close observer!

      There are two versions of the texts. One, slightly more benign, is being hand-posted by me. If its regular posting is interrupted, however, a more damaging version will come online automatically. This two-tier method seemed necessary as a means of ensuring our own personal safety, as well as to help achieve the delicate balancing act we discussed in the post titled “Posted with respect, but also with urgency.” (August 31) The existence of two version was explicitly mentioned in my September 10th posting, “We’ve been discovered.” The point is that we wanted to influence a decision in favor of allowing the Immortality Project to go forward, not (vainly) attempt to force such a decision.

      But now, I am beginning to wonder whether the Illuminati are correct, and it is Oxadrenals who is wrong.

  2. Merlin says:

    I tend to think that, rather than having to be either one or the other, there may be a bit of middle ground. More often than not, it’s not the two side to the story that prevail, but the middle – where more of the truth resides.

    So, if we see the two options being considered as wholesale distribution of immortality or total withholding of immortality, perhaps the true path would be some sort of limited distribution. I wouldn’t pretend to know how best to select candidates – and I would happily defer to the Illuminati to make that decision because each of us mortals has way too much at stake. But, to me, just knowing that it was available to some would be – a source of hope for us all?

  3. c says:

    Does that mean you’re also against other new age teachers promoting immortality too?

  4. Merlin says:

    C – I’m not sure if you’re asking me or Soraya. However, I’m very familiar with “new age” teachings like the Tibetan Five Rites, and will assure you that even if they are fully capable of producing living immortals (a fact not available for documentation) the conditions for doing so are so rigorous that less than 1% of all those who start the program would ever reach that goal. So, let them promote what they will, because 99% of those who “try” the programs will not get anywhere close to true immortality. At best they may extend their lifespan by 30 years.

  5. c says:

    actually the question is for S.

    No i don’t consider the Tibetan five rites (peter kelder is not a new age teacher) to be a guide to immortality. New age teachers like Leonard Orr, Janni Lloyd, etc…

  6. Observer says:

    “As usual, you are a supremely close observer!”
    ~It’s all in the name. ;) lol

    “I tend to think that, rather than having to be either one or the other, there may be a bit of middle ground. ”

    Merlin, your post put that very eloquently, much better than I could have…I’ve said way back when somewhere in the sea of comments that I was Switzerland. At the time it was meant as a reply to two others, and to this ‘immortal debate’ as well. Basically, I can see both perspectives and chose to side with both and neither.

  7. c says:

    i acknowledge part of the reason, given by S, that humanity(in its infancy) is not ready for this, therefore they’re not in favour of humanity in general having it. I understand that part. but how long will this go on for?

    the child will out grow the tribe and fend for itself eventually.

    Ox is not the first one and will not be the first one to “OFFER” immortality to humans.

  8. Soraya says:

    We do understand and recognize that “indefinite life extension” will come to all the world. But, as we have discussed with certain members of the SENS foundation, it must come gradually and in stages: the cure of this illness or that, the prevention of deteriorating minds, a slow furtherance, in other words of the progress medicine has already made.

    That, we hold, is preferable to a process in which we, as the elders, pick and choose certain worthy individuals to become fully immortal, for the responsibility of such choice would weigh heavy upon us. Yet, in turn such a method is preferable to that which the project under discussion seeks to offer: wholesale immortality to all who wish it.

    That there are other kinds of immortals than ourselves we too believe, and welcome as our brothers and sisters, for any method that is arduous and successful only for a few parallels that which we are. It is the mass effect we fear, for all the ramifications as noted in the post.

  9. c says:

    Hello S,

    i quote “modify the habits of mortal life to fit the contours of the infinite.” on what you wrote.

    how ironic you say that, but your organisation controls much of what is fed to the majority of humans emotionally and mentally speaking, so naturally there’s not much free will for them to think for themselves. It feels like a test is being put on humans to find their way out of the matrix created by the Eloominatis.

    • Passerby says:

      Age does give wisdom to those who take ot freely. Many have been working on turning mankind’s eyes to the infinite for centuries.

  10. SonataH says:

    This is a very interesting line of comments. Observer, you can sit on the sidelines for only so long before you’ll be forced to take a side. c, you seem to have a classic case of inquisitive paranoia, questioning everything and disagreeing with the points made by S, for what reasons I cannot fathom. Merlin, you are highly optimistic but you seem to act like a sycophant to whoever’s post you are commenting on. S, I have nothing against you or anyone related to your organization, but if you elders were given the power to pick and choose those who would gain immortality, you would be wise to pick none. Humanity is not ready for immortality and probably never will be. Once humanity has risen above its need for self destruction and genocide, then it will be ready for immortality.

    • Noneness says:

      Humanity is not entirely without wise insight. You would be wise to consider some of it. There are those that can consider all angles before acting or doing nothing. Not all of them are children in aspect, yet a great percentage are and most likely always will be. Even among Immortals I’d reason the same is true. Even if its not seen by most, it’s still seen.

  11. Observer says:

    “Observer, you can sit on the sidelines for only so long before you’ll be forced to take a side. ”

    That remains to be seen. ;)

    If it ever does come down to me being forced to take sides, I will. Or, I will pull out altogether, depending on the circumstances.

  12. c says:

    we’re having a serious discussion here

    game on, continue your line of insults on others. You can sit back and relax and take what ‘s being spoon fed to you. No one is shoving it in your face either.

    what’s wrong with being devil’s advocate?

  13. SonataH says:

    There’s nothing wrong with it and I’m not insulting, merely stating the obvious. I honestly don’t give a damn what will or will not happen involving the Illuminati, I plan to live to a ripe old age and die peacefully in my sleep, so all this “is immortality good or bad” business really doesn’t matter to me, but I couldn’t resist and your reaction is priceless. Why so defensive? If the discussion is of a serious nature and I am only “insulting” others, as you say, why such a venomous response? And what exactly am I being spoon fed?

  14. c says:

    I will continue to question whether you get irritable by it or not.

    im bored by your responses already.*yawn*

  15. SonataH says:

    I’m not irritated in the least bit, actually, I’m quiet intrigued by you. How can you expect answers to your questions without first answering others’? Why such the long wait between my comment and your response? But most importantly, what makes you think that you questioning anything would make me irritable?

    • Noneness says:

      Not everyone has control over what they feel. I would only guess that they haven’t had enough time or experience to put most things into perspective. Or thought about doing so. Humans get irritable so easily.

      A series of correct events and thought has not occurred to lead to the rational thought which then leads to acknowledgement and understanding.

  16. c says:

    it’s called A FEMALE’S INTUITION.



  17. SonataH says:

    Well, sad to say it, but your intuition seems be a little off kilter. I’m not upset in the least bit, I am enjoying this line of comments. This is so much FUN! And I’m only over analyzing because it seems to bother you, which i find highly enjoyable to watch.

  18. Admin says:

    Please, let us remain respectful; let us avoid deliberately irritating one another.

  19. SonataH says:

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I couldn’t stand the complete and utter lack of humor. Everyone’s being to serious and uptight. Y’all need to relax a bit before your heads explode from the stress.

  20. SonataH says:

    That comment didn’t apply to you Ox. You don’t have a serious bone in your body. I’m actually surprised you didn’t do something like this earlier.

  21. C says:

    I’ll take one last shot and i will never respond in this thread again.

    PLease visit if you get ever so bored over here.

  22. SonataH says:

    Awww, you people take the fun out of everything. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to start again on another thread then.

  23. Merlin says:

    SonataH – thanks, I think. I’ve tried for a long time to be not so much neutral, but a buffer. It is my experience that things tend to work out fairly well if all sides in any dispute can be prevented from getting too polarized, so that is what I try to do.

  24. SonataH says:

    It wasn’t meant to bother you, if it did, I’m sorry. Like I said earlier, I was simply making and observation, and given your claim of past lives, your actions seem to fit someone who has spent time in the company of powerful people, perhaps in the court of some royalty or another?

  25. Observer says:

    To readers that can’t tell, Soraya is using the same hanging gong symbol found all over this blog in her posts…

    Also, her ‘S’ is remarkably similar to the one I was trying to describe in a comment on uniforms…

  26. PeaceforHumanity says:

    It is understandable that someone like Hitler would not be a desirable candidate. However, many of the more altruistic souls are not the rich and powerful. Some of those individuals in power are corrupt in in the flesh. Those that benefit humanity like those individuals in history that have worked for human cooperation and progression are certainly better suited for long life. Remembering past lives can cause some souls to be gently reminded of the legacy that we wish to leave on our soul print. Many leaders of both history and modern times are attracted to these roles for reasons of power and not empowerment. Much needs to change in society and this will not come about by granting those that are driven by power and greed immortality.

    Humanitarians, philosophers, and those that have a serving nature are workers of human progression that will benefit humanity. Those who can honestly say they love humanity not by words broadcasted, but by actions are true indicators. These fruits are essential for the continued harvest of humanity. All life is sacred and part of creation. However, some souls are still learning basic spiritual lessons and are not ideal as leaders. Elitism is not a cooperative benefit.

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