By Kate. September 18th, 2010

Flyss, I think all of us (other than Stephen)¬†overreacted about Oxadrenals. He’s¬†navigating difficult waters, both in the world and, more importantly, within himself. That piquant personality of his is the way he keeps himself sane and relatively loving amidst the isolation and multiple losses of a non-mortal life. If it leads him to some peculiar actions, in retrospect they are forgivable. His manipulations and misrepresentations too seem to be relatively benign and justified.

Strattera too is correct: there is a great deal of manipulation going on here. However, I shall defer from judging the Eldest whatsoever, as I am sure Saul himself would want it that way. In any case, I would say that she operates on a plane of primordial intuition that is beyond my own ability to judge.

As for the Immortal Illuminati, I would say they are more within the realm of mortal understanding. They have explicitly given themselves responsibility for guiding and protecting the world. Having taken on this responsible, they are susceptible to judgment for how they carry it through. I can certainly see why they and Oxadrenals don’t see eye to eye: the Illuminati are all about considered judgment, while Ox is all heart.

Certainly, they seem far more adult than he is. But they are also potentially far more sinister. But you may all judge for yourself, as Soraya herself is the author of the post to follow this one. — Kate


  1. c says:

    for some reason, i doubt very much ox is going to offer immortality to the masses. it maybe the selected few he will choose or have chosen based on the selected criteria

    And besides that, it is probably for the lifestyle of the rich and famous who may pursue this since they have loads of money to afford this. I don’t think immortality will come cheap. Well it depends on what ox charges… a million? a few hundred thousands…?

  2. Oxadrenals says:

    I have many faults, foremost among which is the reprehensible habit of issuing forth puns, but do you really think I am avaricious? Friend, C, please think again. I do not dream of wealth beyond the dreams of avarice, but of humor so transcendent it makes the stars giggle.

  3. C says:

    I was thinking in practical terms in the human (living on surface) way of course. Now I realise it’s too soon to ask you more… No i do not think you’re avaricious at all, i’m sorry if i gave you that impression.

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