Narrative 4: The Hanger-on Richard Menniss

By Flyss. September 19th, 2010

TheĀ first installments of Narrative 4 of the Immortality Project chronicles are now posted. The title of the entire narrative is “The Hanger-On,” and the subject is Richard Menniss, Bounty Hunter. (Interesting that he’s characterized as a hanger-on rather than as a “bounty hunter,” though he is in fact both.)

We’re seeing things from Richard Menniss’ point of view. He’s frighteningly good at what he does. Not only does he physically invade people’s homes as easily as a razor blade slicing into butter, he’s just as good at invading people psyches. But he does have a conscience, and he’s troubled.

It’s a very ugly episode, but, really, the ugliness we see is in the world he invades, not in his soul. — Flyss

P.S. I’m not ignoring Soraya’s magisterial post. I’m digesting it.

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