Letting go for dear life

By Stephen. September 20th, 2010

Installment 3 of The Hanger-On is now posted. Many readers may find it hard to stomach. For me, though, the experience of reading it is a punch in the stomach. It is only too cruelly honest about what it feels like to be an aging man.

We can only assume that Menniss confessed all this to Oxadrenals, knowing that it would be written down. That bravery urges me to an admission: I have felt what he admits feeling as he walks through the Catalyst on the way to meet Francine. I am not proud of it. I do not want to advertise the fact. I do not want young women to know that I feel such things! And yet, while I do not act on them, I share the feelings Menniss so self-ruthlessly describes.

Then, later on in the installment, his heart opens, and all is changed. — Stephen


  1. c says:

    it’s his thoughts that’s perverse! the way he analysed her from practically everything i found hard to stomach. I shouldn’t feel shocked then again, when i see really old men hanging with young girls they bring from the East… by making them feeling young, vibrant, virile and “alive”

    but what surprised me was that Francine (she doesnt have high standards) threw herself at him… that revealed how emotionally vunerable she was, feelin desperately lonely and an easy prey for Meniss.

  2. Kate says:

    Thank you for writing this. Yes, the portrayal of Francine is just as painful, and ruthlessly accurate, as that of Menniss. — Kate

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