Clarification: The Eldest and Soraya

By Stephen. September 21st, 2010

Some readers have expressed confusion between Soraya and The Eldest. I am sure this is our fault. My apologies for leaving things unclear.

I suspect that one source of the confusion is that The Eldest was described as being Asian in appearance, and Soraya as having a connection with Japan. But there is no direct relationship between the two.

Soraya is the head of the Blue&blacks, and claims to be perhaps 8000 years old. The Eldest is much, much older; it is said that she dates back to the dawn of speech. That would be 50 – 100 thousand years ago. Soraya works closely with Alexandros.  The Eldest is a power unto herself. — Stephen


  1. c says:

    Hi S,
    I’m interested to hear from an eight thousand year old being like you about living for that long, do you ever get bored of living life? do you reminisce about the past?

    Great respects to you,

  2. c says:

    The Eldest is a power unto herself. — Stephen

    as i read this quote, i felt the Great One – the Eldest is beyond a description put in words of how much of a Brobdingnagian power, *SHE* truly is.

    i’m getting serious chills going up my spine here just saying this.

  3. Oxadrenals says:

    You _should_ feel said chills. Pretty soon you’re going to get frozen to the point of burning because toward the end of “The Hanger-On” Menniss and Saul meet her. I wish I’d been there, but Saul’s description (he saw more than Menniss just then) is pretty vivid. — Ox

  4. Observer says:

    Does anyone know how old Alexa is?

  5. Observer says:

    Yes, I meant him. Sorry, it’s an old habit of mine to shorten names.

    To have that exact of an age…Wow. How did you two keep track?

    If I may, could you also say when & where you both were born, if you know that is? (It would help to know so people can narrow any questions they may have for you, and would also allow them to see you from a more human perspective. :) )

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