Not worthy

By Soraya. September 21st, 2010

Immortal Illuminati Symbol I have read that readers have mistaken me for the Eldest, I who am only Soraya. In all haste I must free them of this error.

I am not worthy to be considered in the same breath as that Great One! I am but a child beside her; incompetent, foolish, thoughtless and without power, lacking foresight or understanding, a breath, a vapor a trivial being of no substance or significance.

My profound apologies to Yahanna for having allowed any such misunderstanding to take place, even for an instant. SorayaSoraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.

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  1. Observer says:

    As humbling as the sentiment is, I wonder, were the ‘Eldest’ here, what she would make of everyone considering themselves to be insignificant trifles compared to her. Surely, she would not go through all the trouble to not only offer advice here and there, but to also offer equal protections if she thought others insignificant…

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