By Soraya. September 22nd, 2010

Immortal Illuminati SymbolI,Soraya, respond here to questions posed by readers of this site.

C writes: “Your organization controls much of what is fed to the majority of humans emotionally and mentally speaking, so naturally there‚Äôs not much free will for them to think for themselves.” To this I answer: perhaps it would be better if we had such power. Perhaps the world would be a better place. Or, perhaps, our wisdom would fail, and we would cause more harm than we would cause good. But we have not that power. There are many gods in the world, and we are but one. There is the greatest god, that which the Eldest worships and serves: Chance, by others called God in contradistinction (but as we humans understand not the will of the creator, if there be one, nor experience as loving that which may be love divine and incomprehensible, there is no true difference in the namings.) There is the power of human governments, and of the rich and connected who run them. There is the frightening power of this new god called science, that changes all things, and called up into being at Alamogordo a terrible demon whose fire no being can survive. Science too it is that reads the letters of DNA, and may rewrite them. There is the god of culture, that, despite all attempts by other gods to control it, spirals on its own life. (To Kate I say, I have fought for 80 centuries to advance the position of women, and yet it was not my doing but that of brave mortal women who, via their suffering and will, moved the god to grant it.) There is now the new god Google, which we fear close to our fear of the nuclear demon. And many more. Yes, we have far seeing eyes and a strong fist, but we do not control all things. For example, we do not even know exactly where Oxadrenals’ underground lab is located (though we expect to discover that soon.)

C also asks “do you get bored of living life?” How can I? Humanity as a whole is a great, grand, willful, creative, unpredictable god; when young, with Alexandros at my side, I swore myself in that god’s service. Boredom, as one of your day might say, “is so not the problem.” :-) (Please excuse my attempt at current youthful idiom, if I have failed to grasp it properly.)

Merlin asks: “Can someone actually be born that many years before and still alive today and be young?” I say, yes, and no. In body I am young, and the Eldest just as young, despite the millennia of passage. A body is not a rock that crumbles but a renewing being. It need not end. That it does end is due to some god’s will, be it what you call Evolution, or the hand of a creature we know not of. That god sometimes applies not that will, and then there is no aging. A living thing could, why not, live longer than a star? (Though the Great God chance would surely end the being in time — I have known a woman eleven hundred centuries old to die when a great fire came and he could not hide.) But in mind I am not young; I am aged with my eight thousand years of burdened life.

Observer writes: “I wonder, were the Eldest here, what she would make of everyone considering themselves to be insignificant trifles compared to her?” I would not presume to guess what she thinks, but she does not act as if anything or anyone is insignificant. To sit at her feel is to feel for a moment as if no one but yourself exists in all the world, or has ever existed. And though for her all mortal lives pass in a moment’s time, she gives out her love freely to mortal beings, involves them in her actions, befriends, protects, helps and hurts them, loves with compassion or with lust, as friend, mother, sister, lover or executioner according to the promptings of her own soul. That she has given Janice a great role in the drama you are reading is in keeping with what I have seen her do all my life. And I who am one of the greatest powers of the world she may hold no more worthy than an infant she might meet, even an infant sick from conception whose birth is shortly its death. So it is I that regard myself as nothing next to her, not that she thinks so, nor that she judges by longevity, but that in her presence I feel as nothing.– Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.

SonataH writes: (in response to my welcome to other types of immortals) “Not all wish to be welcomed.” To which I respond: Our welcome requires no response. You are welcome to your utter privacy, your indifference, even your private hostility. We understand and accept. It is only in the face of actual threats against us that we would withdraw the welcome, and show another side of ourselves.

Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati.


  1. C says:

    Thanks alot for taking time to answer my questions.

    I have to ask you two more and i’m darn curious.

    1. Do you need/eat food/drink water regularly like normal humans do?

    2. Do you believe time (man= made concept) is an illusion?

    I sense your greatness and depths in your experiences of living life longer than most mortals, but i’m also surprised you immortals fear so much just as a normal mortal have.

  2. Observer says:

    About the answer to my portion of the above… She, the ‘Eldest,’ does not seem the type to consider people insignificant. So I was wondering what she might make of people considering themselves to be so when compared to her.

    I know you cannot possibly answer for her. It was a rhetorical statement.

    (Apologies if there was any confusion, or if anything I say sounds brash. It was not meant that way in the least.)

  3. Bob says:

    I don’t feel the need to show respect for a bunch of ahole immortals. They don’t contribute crap, they shrink from the world, and suck up resources for nothing in return. What a waste for a life. This is my world just as much as it is there. They should worship us as we as mortals have more balls, more gumption and more godlike attributes than the crazy bunch of immortal aholes will ever have. We as a species will figure out how to be immortal and then we will be mad as hell at a bunch of aholes that sat around fucking everything up with there snotty holier than thou tudes. I don’t need the bastards!

    • Flyss says:

      Yeah tell em!

      This is exactly why Oxadrenals asked us to post this narrative. If they try to stand in the way of something we want as much as this, and the world finds out about it, they’re toast!

  4. M says:

    Best Wishes!

  5. SonataH says:

    WooHoo, Go Bob!

  6. c says:

    Bob! you got guts *claps loudly*

  7. Bob says:

    Hey Flyss,

    The world would care for about 15 minutes, and then move on, because quite frankly Oxadrenals and his gang would just be another group with an agenda begging for attention, and thats the last thing folks care about. Historians would give a shit, but when everybody is equal, who cares except the immortals with low self esteem. Toast, nope, more like forgotten and swept under the rug like an old cat.

    • Flyss says:

      Bob — I know you’ve started reading late, and so it’s hard to figure out what’s up, but you have the groups mixed up. Oxadrenals “gang” is mostly a set of mortal working on providing Immortality to all of us. It’s Soraya and Alexandros working to stop them.

      I see what you mean, though, even if they do manage to stop it, we’ll find the way to immortality anyway.

  8. Observer says:

    By the by, I try to be respectful all the time, when I’m being serious… Whether a person is immortal or not makes little difference.

    ~I do like the gumption & bravado, though. So, bravo! :)

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