Immortality is all thirsts rolled into one

By Stephen. September 22nd, 2010

Installment 5 of The Hanger-On, titled Under the Canopy is now up. We’re under the redwood canopy for the first (but undoubtedly not the last) time in these narratives.

Menniss says something early on in this narrative that I think captures the essence of the whole process: It doesn’t matter whether immortality is a good thing or not. The desire for it is ineradicable, greater than the thirst for water. It is the desire to live: the essence of all thirsts rolled into one. — Stephen

For new readers: The Hanger-On is Narrative 4 of the chronicles of the Immortality Project. These narratives detail the events leading up to the current conflict between the Hafeems behind the project (Oxadrenals foremost) and the Immortal Illuminati who wish to suppress it. Though the narratives currently detail events that occurred early in 2010, they will soon converge on the present.

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  1. Observer says:

    Personally, I think what he says captures his essence of being a hanger-on more than anything else. Immortality and all that implies, to live young basically forever, is his thirst, his desire.

    Not everyone wishes to be immortal. Some just want to live out a long and happy normal life. Others want to live hard & die young. Others still will have other desires…

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