By Soraya. September 26th, 2010

Immortal Illuminati SymbolI Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati, respond here to complaints registered by one reader, and questions posed by others.

To “Merlin,”who asks about the religious beliefs of the Immortals.

Religions are like fashions: they change so fast it’s impossible to keep up.

The gods of my childhood (to whom we sacrificed the mutilated bodies of infant children) are, blessedly, not even a memory.

Regarding what happens after death, yes, different immortals have different thoughts. My own might seem strange to you, for  I hold that my soul shall be split into a million pieces, and race through the world in the bodies of living beings, and yet not my soul alone, but those others too, melded together and struggling. For do you not find in yourself warring parts? These are the many beings of which you were made. (But that is only my belief.)

To “Observer,” who (in response to my statement that Alexandros is 8,352 years old) writes: “To have that exact of an age…Wow. How did you two keep track? If I may, could you also say when & where you both were born, if you know that is?”

You are certainly observant! In truth, neither he nor I know our exact ages. But, after expending much effort, we made estimates, and then chose specific dates to represent those estimates. I am certain that we are not far wrong. As to where we were born: recall, please, that we were born long before writing came into being. Whenever and where ever writing first appears in history, there are already ancient aristocratic families. Civilization (of the cruel, archaic sort) began long before the civilized could write their thoughts. We were evolved, privileged and cultured. We were sophisticated in the ways of human life, no less so than anyone today. And yet, the places and countries where we lived are not known today, except by their ruins (which is to say, not known at all.) I was born on an island near modern Indonesia. I do not know which island. Early in my immortality, The Eldest found me, educated me, and taught me how to survive. She brought me to Alexandros, and together he and I kept ourselves alive through all the upheavals of that ancient world.

To “Bob,” who takes offense at certain things:

I say this: You may insult me to your heart’s content; that is, after all, the spirit of the current age.  And it is right that it should be so. Elites have too long oppressed. We have no right to expect respect.

And you are correct to say that mortals are more creative than we; that you grow more; that you teach us more than we teach you. When I was young, it was believed right for husbands to beat their wives; for adulterers and fornicators to have their entrails torn out; for conquered women to be raped, their infants’ skulls dashed against the rocks, their men enslaved. It was right, sacred truly, to sacrifice children to the gods, their living screams an incense and a blessing. It was not we, the Immortals, who grew past these ways of life. It was you, the mortals who learned new ways of being, and we learned from you. So, yes, mock us all you want. Mock me especially, for I am known to be a stubborn 8000 year old bitch. And yet, being who I am, I may fight to protect you from yourself. Certainly, I may be wrong in what I do. But I must attempt to do what I think is right; if I do not do so, what kind of being am I?

And yet I say this to you about the Eldest: Those who bow down before her do not do so because they must, but because they feel inspired to do so. It is not to say, “I am inferior.” It is a welling up reverence for she who is all the history of humanity at once.

You shall soon see how Janice reacted to the Eldest. Perhaps you will not respect her reaction, but I believe you will see that it is genuine for her. Of course, there are those who do not feel anything in the presence of the Eldest, and merely walk right past her. There are also those who experience no transcendence when they hear Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 32; who feel that Shakespeare’s King Lear is on a level with Avatar; that the courage of a man who dies on the battlefield for his country elevates him not one whit above the man who spends his life on a couch playing games on his computer. Reverence and respect cannot be commanded. They cannot even be earned. They are free responses that some of us have to others. You are free not to have them.

And yet, there are few who nothing and no one with respect or reverence. Who would permit a guest to freely insult his wife? His mother? His father? His country?  His religion? It is thus on this blog, I believe. The authors respect the Eldest. They wish her spoken of with respect here. I believe this is not unreasonable or unnatural. Would you not agree?



  1. SonataH says:

    You have a very interesting set of beliefs Soraya, which are not all that different than a belief I once held. You also hold an intriguing opinion about respect and reverence, and I agree that it is not unreasonable for the authors to want the Eldest spoken of respectfully, but I myself, at least, find it rather difficult to respect a person I have never met. That being said, I won’t be openly disrespectful of the Eldest, but I will not show any reverence I feel is not due and i believe that if the authors continue to remove parts of or entire comments posted by readers, they may lose the respect of some of their readers. Even an openly disrespectful comment can be insightful of the discussion at hand and by editing comments, the authors lose the respect of the readers. If the authors cannot respect the opinion of the reader, even a bad one, why should the reader respect the authors?

  2. Merlin says:

    SonataH – you say you find it difficult to respect a person you’ve never met. Perhaps I can make that a bit easier for you. I have some words for you. Hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, mud slide, flood, tornado. Add to those, entirely man-made ways to suddenly, irretrievably die, like war, murder, drive-by shootings, construction accidents. In the last 50 years, we’ve added the challenge of evading debris falling from the sky from decayed satellites, dis-functional aircraft, mid-air collisions. Oh, and there has always been the danger of wild predators – need me to name a few of them that can go toe-to-toe with any human?

    My point is, life on this earth is far from predictable, and inherently dangerous, yet these Illuminati members have beat long odds to stay alive through 100 normal lifetimes. For the Eldest – make that 1000 normal lifetimes, at the very least. I don’t know if that impresses you, but it sure as hell impresses me. We are here talking about people who not only do not age, they manage to avoid lethal engagements with random chance. I do respect them for that.

  3. SonataH says:

    Well, you see, that right there is the problem. I’m one of the people looking forward to death. If I’m looking forward to it, why should I respect someone who has been avoiding it?

  4. Merlin says:

    SonataH – I see a philosophical problem: if you are looking forward to death, why are you posting comments on a website who’s purpose is to research (and share the research) the possibility of “indefinite life extension.” Seems to me that someone (like my own dad) who truly embraces the hope of death would have no use for this group. My dad would discount this whole thing, out of hand, as being just a hoax. So, what ARE you doing here?

  5. SonataH says:

    One, I enjoy hearing the stories posted on here, they can be quite entertaining at times. Two, as c put in another post not that long ago, someone needs to be the devil’s advocate. If everyone on here was all for immortality for everyone, then you would have no outside opinions helping to figure out the minor details, like how some people may do everything in their power to stop it at all costs if its put out their all at once.
    Mainly its out of sheer boredom, but there is another reason that the authors are aware of for why I continue to comment.

  6. Bob says:

    Thanks Soraya,

    If you and Eldest have been around for thousands of years, where did you come from? The problem I have with respect concerns the tragic history of humanity. If The elder and the immortals become public, some would be tempted to hold you guys for crimes against humanity. At the very least the IRS would demand back taxes and penalties for back taxes since 1914. Assuming of course you have been here that long. How does the Elder feel about abortion? Not so easy to just pop in and say I am here, and say bow down. I would say the thing about the god of the old testament if he popped up, I would say, dude, here is the handcuffs you be going to the hague to stand trial.

    • stephen says:

      Bob: I can’t speak for Soraya, but here are a few responses

      (1) Where did they come from? They were born on earth, as ordinary people, but discovered they didn’t age.
      (2) Why would you hold _them_ responsible for crimes against humanity? God, yes, but why them?
      (3) How do you know they owe any taxes? What if they live on income from autonomous trusts that pay taxes?

  7. Jimmy says:

    Debating two sides of an argument simply makes the particulars of the argument plausible to those reading. How come the reporters of this site have never made any pictures available? Why are they paying google ad words to attract users? Anyone?

    • Stephen says:

      I replied already re: advertising. RE: pictures, we explain that in many places on the site, including in “how this blog works” at the top.

  8. Jimmy says:

    For one, there is no direct explanation of such in the ‘how this blog works’ section.

    I don’t have the time to sift through the whole website just to find out that this is some university psychology project, or a blog designed to go viral and create as much attention and readership as possible for a pre-launch on some ebook explaining everything in detail. Well done if so. I asked a few questions. Why are you driving traffic to this site with google ad words? What proof do you offer. If these “immortals” such as Alex and the one who wrote the post to which I am responding are real, why would they even toy with you to allow pictures? Not possible. All your discussions with the various “authors” follow the same basic structure to induce curiosity, but the basic idea of putting up a website where you have snippets of conversations you, reportedly, carry out in real life is absurd. You either want to expose this and will go all out in doing so, or keep it to yourself without the crumbs of information you are spreading here. What guarantee does the reader have that there is really more than one graduate psychology student posting here? Afterall, you all have the same basic syntax and style. The stories and narratives are very interesting and a good read, but in so far as deception is concerned ie; “illuminati immortal” deception, your gig is perfect.

  9. SonataH says:

    Hey Jimmy, for a long time I had the same opinion about this site as you do. Hell, I still have that opinion of this site, its one of the reason’s why I say the crap on here that I do. If you’re saying that I have the same syntax as them, then I don’t know whether to take that as an insult for comparing me to everyone else or as a compliment for being able to mimic them. Hopefully, you didn’t include me in that assessment.

    I’ve found that its just easier to go with the flow on this site, more often than not, if you get to noisy about things or really state your opinion, they start editing and removing your posts. That and they just tell you the same thing over and over again about how everything is delayed and a whole bunch of bull.

    I post on here mainly out of boredom, as I have stated earlier. If your right and this is all just a set up, then hey, at least I was entertained by the stories and the ideas posted on here sound at least plausible, which makes stop and wonder if some of it actually possible. But if this all true, then think of it like this, you get to know about something that has the potential to alter the history of mankind while it was still starting. Just think of the stories you could tell your kids and grandkids if this is all real.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, I don’t advise trying to stay anonymous on this site. As I’ve found out one of the hard ways, the IP address for every post is checked by the “authors” of the site, so not only is it pointless to try different names for your posts, but they also know exactly where you are making that post from.

  10. Jimmy says:


    I don’t know all the readers, but most would probably jog on. I, on the other hand, like a good story and I admit this one is a good one. Without putting up proof, I’m afriad, it’s just a big hoax and experiment in psychology. If they were sequencing DNA of these “immortals” it wouldn’t be casually discussed on a blog. And no, I am not including you in the comments, but the writers themselves. They (he/she), are clearly intelligent as it comes across in their writing, especially in creating interest as you will note that most of the blog posts incite increasing curiosity through the simple means of proposing plausible answers in the form of basic questions, designed certainly to capture the reader. Well done. But, nothing more than a hoax in my perspective.

    Oh and it’s not big deal to know eactly where one is posting from, IP spoofing is so easy, especially being the owner of this site. If you’re worried about this then just use a proxy. There are many and easy to find using google. Just type in anonymous proxy and follow the links.

    Further, “they” knowing where someone’s physical location is, is not big deal when they’re chasing “bounty hunters” and 100,000 year old immortals now is it? So I don’t think I need to worry about that :)

    Us posting comments just helps to increase their google significance rating, potentially leading to backlinks which further increases their google signficant…possible hoping they won’t need to pay for google ad words to attract attention. The site is less than 1 year old, afterall, and if they’re gearing up for a big launch then we’re all helping anyhow :)

  11. Jimmy says:

    BTW, I would expect an 8000 year old woman who “worshiped” (presumably) the god of the OT, to have a far deeper and penetrating understanding of religion, especially as the “illuminati” of today are purported to be believers in religion and that one of main religious books of today (The Bible) has chapters, and scrolls which would have been written during Soraya’s life, no?

    She says “Religions are like fashions: they change so fast it’s impossible to keep up.”

    Which pretty much busts the whole gig wide open now doesn’t it? The three biggest religions in the world all derive similarly from one source. I’m talking about Orthodox Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moses, Jesus and Muhammed all supposedly prophets of the same God. This alone disproves the statement that religions change so fast. These three have been around for thousands of years.

    Therefore someone like Soraya, one of the “immoirtal illuminati” would have. potentially, had a hand in helping to bring some of these to their current state, not just have been a permanent “passer-by”.

    In addition, the other more polytheistic religions all have some ties to the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah with constant reference, namely the thousand variations of the New Age religion, all of which contain the same basic theme.

    Now, if Soraya and the Ox are real, and have more than a very basic understanding of psychology, they’ll be happy to engage my questions because I’m just at the tip of the iceberg. Being immortal and thousands of years old, would imply that their understanding of these topics is deep and well versed and they will have no problem engaging me with intelligent conversation.

    If they’re just part of the hoax, you will merely witness censoring of my questions, or a typical diversion tactic designed to cast some sort of doubt over me as a detractor or someone of a “dark groups” trying to take down their plan (over the internet in a Word Press blog comment box no less :)) )

    So ball is in your court, illuminated ones, I’m interested in going deeper into this particular subject with you :)


  12. Bob says:

    Trust Fund? OK but maybe not, the IRS don’t care, if the acquistion of money is untraceable the IRS can confiscate.

    Crimes against Humanity? Well they admit to witnessing human sacrifice, and other events in our twisted path. Did they have a part or try to stop human misery or sacrifice? The nazis claim contact with an immortal race, the puzzle points toward potential errors in judgement by immortals or crimes agianst humanity.

  13. Merlin says:

    Jimmy – I dispute your arguments. Just because they are thousands of years old (a point not yet fully in evidence, but tacitly accepted for the moment) does not automatically require that they would have detailed information on any, let alone all, of the world’s religions. Do you have detailed information on the menu items available at every restaurant within 5 miles of your home? Even the ones that offer food you aren’t interested in? Do you profess to have intimate knowledge of the differences between LG Electronics and Sony made televisions?

    As Soraya said in answering my question, when she was a child it was considered appropriate where she lived to perform sacrifices of live humans to their idea of deities. All of the religions that bow before the self-described “God of Abraham” likely seem somewhat silly to those who performed such sacrifices. Or they might even seem pompous – after all, each of those three religions goes to great efforts to proclaim that theirs is THE ONE TRUE WAY.

    When one has lived long enough to see the poly-theistic religions overtaken by the mono-theistic religions of the present, to have seen nationalistic borders drawn and redrawn, and seen the same area of ground called the property of a half-dozen or more different nations, it seems (with my particularly abnormal point-of-view) to me that it’s not unreasonable to dismiss the “new” religions as fads that will be here a while and then go away.

    To BOB – about the “crimes against humanity” – please keep in mind that in most courts you can’t charge someone with a crime for doing something that wasn’t against the law at the time they did it. It wasn’t even against US law to have contact with the Nazi’s during most of WWII. Many US Industrialists were invested in German manufacturing, transportation, and stocks up until Pearl Harbor. Secondly, just because an immortal was in contact with the Nazi Party is not a reason to charge them with anything – perhaps the contact was only for the purpose of learning the new regime’s views well enough to see if immortals could safely conceal themselves there. They didn’t necessarily know what was happening at Auschwitz just because they talked to a propaganda minister. You have to do better than that.

  14. SonataH says:

    Ooooh, now this getting interesting.

  15. Jimmy says:


    As I suspected you are one of the authors. Now that wasn’t too hard. This attempted act at solidarity by creating sock puppets to discuss the topic at hand, which merely gives the topic itself more credibility (bad press = good press, etc), is nothing new online. In fact, it’s nothing new in the real world.

    I refute your dispute Merlin, or for the purposes of my reply I’ll just call you dear author.

    Dear Author, if you were around several thousands of years there would be no way you could ignore the effects of religions. In fact, you would have intimate knowledge of the leaders of such religions given that population was significantly less. You (as Soraya) would even possibly know some of these “prophets” directly, and likely have had a hand in changing their views subtly to create the common divide and conquer that the “illuminati” is so infamous for.

    The statement that religions change so often and that it’s hard to keep up, as I proved in my earlier reply, is false and naive. Judaism is over 6000 years old, Christianity 2000 and Islam 1400-1600. There may be different sect, with varying differences, but overall they’ve remained quite steadfast. Being “illuminated” and leaders of the “real illuminati” one would be more than just a little acquainted with religion. You can’t just ask yourself a question, give a patently false and ignorant answer and hope that does justice to your readers. If you’re going to pretend to be thousands of years old, you’re going to be asked these sorts of questions by people who are not ignorant of these religions.

    Gonna play, or ignore? The latter, of course, proves my argument to be true.

  16. Observer says:

    What happened to those immortals of which would be closer in age to the Eldest? You & Alexa are relatively close in age. Stands to reason, that there would be others, if not around the same age, then at least closer in age to her. (If you say they died, then you know my next question will be: how?)

    My reasons for continuing to read this blog are pretty obvious. I am one of those curious people that the authors have so cleverly drawn in. Quite frankly, I don’t care if this whole thing is just psycological dribble. It’s interesting. So, I keep coming back…lol(Aside from the chasings & things, I happen to know for a fact that there is just a tidbit of truth mixed in here a little, even if the authors themselves are unaware of it. Maybe that’s what makes it more interesting? I dunno.)

    To Jimmy, all I can say about someone thinking religions pass like fads is that the person must have traveled an awful lot in an awful lot of years and not paid too much attention. After all, those who pay too much attention to religions often find themselves either killing for it or being killed by it. (As such, I have never ever been one to voice my religious views on anything. You never know the company you keep.)

    Bob, as far as the IRS is invovled, who’s to say they don’t pay taxes? Also, there are plenty of ways of getting around such financial things…(Though, I will refrain from saying any as I don’t want them breathing down my neck…lol…[To any IRS agents that may be reading: Truthfully, I don't adhere to any method. It's easier to go with the flow & pay up.])

    Merlin, Jimmy does make a good point. Being thousands of years old, a person would at least have basic understandings of most religions at least on some psycological level, whether they paid attention to the current ones or not. Just because something is a fad to them doesn’t mean they don’t understand it. (Take Twilight for example; it’s a huge fad that I don’t particularly invest my time in, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand why a ton of women would want to flock to theatres to see a buff guy without his shirt on, now does it?…lol[Sorry twihards, I couldn't resist]) Plus, I’m almost sure that the belief Soraya has of death is a relatively modern concept. That being said, she probably would have a good acquaintance with religions… Of course, I can’t say for certain.

  17. Merlin says:

    No, I am not an author. I am a US Army veteran (Medic) with a permanent, service-connected, disability. I am currently 48, and live in Kansas with my wife & 2 cats. I was raised in the United Methodist Church, ordained in 3 different denominations which I ultimately left, and currently believe that the only valid religion is “tolerance of everyone’s right to decide for themselves”.

    As previously noted, I have fairly good recall of past lives dating back over 1700 years, but I do not profess to be greatly familiar with the beliefs of mainstream Muslims or Jews. Though I’m certain that my earliest memories were from the right time and area, I’m also not familiar with Druid beliefs. I would like to be.

    I AM NOT SORAYA. Nor am I Stephen, Flyss, Janice, or any of the other main posters.

    Your assertion that just because someone is thousands of years old means they “would possibly know some of these ‘prophets’ directly” is amateurish and unscientific. How many of the significant religious leaders of the last 50 years did you know personally? Did you ever meet Ghandi, or the Dali Lama? How about L. Ron Hubbard or Michael Beckwith? Jed McKenna, Deepak Chopra, or Dan Millman?

    Have you ever attempted to actually study LOGIC? You’re great at stating something you believe to be true, and then making accusations based on that belief. The problem is, neither your belief nor your accusations are proven, or even verifiable.

  18. SonataH says:

    But then again, nothing posted on this site is proven or verifiable, except to the authors, who only tell us things without giving us solid proof of their claims. How is he wrong and the authors right? They do exactly the same thing.

  19. Jimmy says:

    Dear Author,

    “To Jimmy, all I can say about someone thinking religions pass like fads is that the person must have traveled an awful lot in an awful lot of years and not paid too much attention. After all, those who pay too much attention to religions often find themselves either killing for it or being killed by it. (As such, I have never ever been one to voice my religious views on anything. You never know the company you keep”

    Don’t you think that this is just contributing to the general disparity being communicated about religion, the part especially about killing for or from? It ignores the many positive aspects of religion, and much of the good that religion has spread. Ignoring the positive and only focusing on the negative causes an imbalance that is not any better.

    Back to the personality of your story known as Soraya. Being thousands of years old, 80 of our normal lifetimes, it’s inevitable that a being who has come across so many others would be ignorant of the basic facets of the religions, or make such an ignorant statement to the effect that religions constantly change. Again, I don’t buy it and you’ll have a hard time selling it to anyone else who’s educated on the topic.

    Dear Author (Merlin), I did say “possibly” did I not. That is a key word. The point, which you ignore, is that it is impossible to ignore the impact religions have had and make an ignorant statement that they change often. I already proved that point sufficiently. Yes, I am aware of logic and it’s fallacies, which is why I will ignore your ad hominem fallacy. If you want to debate the points as Merlin and not Soraya, fine, so be it.

  20. Jimmy says:

    Good observation SonataH

  21. SonataH says:

    I really have no right to be helping one side’s logic and not the other, because, as Merlin pointed out, my logic is pretty weird. But hey, this is FUN!

  22. Bob says:

    The immortals will not reveal their relegious beliefs, it would be foolish, it would provide vital clues to their organization and the influence they may have.

    If I was going to keep wealth, and keep it fluid and easy to access, I may have hidden it with a relegious institution, keeping grips on the leadership, yet insuring it survives. Better yet if it is semi neutral and international, and of course in the USA tax free. A good way to mask true wealth.

    As far as crimes against humanity, the 10 commandents outlawed murder, to claim ignorance of a universal law is laughable. Most civilzations had laws, technically the old judgements could be applied, but we are civilized so a few hundred years in a prison determied by the Nuremburg Court will be ok. It’s not me the immortals would have to worry about, Israel and the mossad, would not give up. Conjecture only, as hopefully the contact with NAZIS was business and relegious. Civil claims would be out the roof.
    The immortals will need a lot of charisma, because eventually they will be found, by the IRS, CIA, MOSSAD, ETC.

  23. Jimmy says:

    Dear Author (Bob). That’s funny because they allow themselves to be met, filmed and/or photographed or have their DNA sequenced, but not reveal their “religious” beliefs because it would provide vital clues? Like what, for example? That they’re “immortal” and “illuminated”? :))

  24. Bob says:

    Dear Jim,
    What picture? film? They are providing flimsy info, half truths and bad riddles. Ok they are mormons they love Salt Lake City, and enjoy big families would be a big clue. They want to hide their involvement in the past and claim ignorance is my point.

  25. Jimmy says:

    Dear Author (Bob), do you really expect your readers to believe that they want all that, but have been given an “authors” pass to post on this site, much in the same way in the same manner the original author(s) have been posting, simply to generate more speculation?

    Cmon “Bob”, you can do better.

  26. Bob says:

    I don’t believe shit right now, I don’t trust you because I am not sure where you come from. I don’t trust Soraya, or the others because they seem more interested to pull us in the story. Show us some detail about the past that counts. Was their a noah’s ark? A flood. They pyramids, remeber them? Why were they built? By whom? Riddles are for the lame minded.

  27. SonataH says:

    But riddles make everything so much more entertaining. Bob, you need to calm down a bit, or get pissed off, either way works for me.

  28. Jimmy says:

    SonataH, you’ve been told that by the Illuminist of this site ;) b/c more people commenting on the various posts helps their google ratings :)) Therefore, I too am seen to be doing my part. To any of you who actually believe Soraya, Alexandros, Oly Oly Oxen Free, and the others are all individual personalities, you’ve been taken for a ride. A good one, for the imagination, but a ride none the less.

    You’ll note that Soraya (one of the personalities of the Author) is allowing the other personalities to engage me so the “author” can get as much information with respect to my beliefs, strategies, logic, etc, before engaging me. I’m as interesting to them as the immortals that live in their mind :)

  29. SonataH says:

    Actually, a lot of the posts look more like something from a basic AI.

  30. SonataH says:

    You know, i made mention of that a while back, the online answer i got was that their good with tracking people, photoshopping pics, and they don’t release the posts until a week after they’re typed up. I agree that most of this stuff sounds fake, but hey, its entertaining and that’s really what matters to me.

  31. SonataH says:

    Well, i talk to one of the authors on facebook as well, which is where i got the job to cause as much trouble for everyone as i possibly can.

  32. M says:

    Oh Dear Lord!!

    Guys… stop it will you?? either you like this blog or not… if you do you come back, and if you dont, you nver care about this… what is the point of all these accusations and assumptions!!?? just keep reading if you want and see if something will be revealed… i would ask questions to soraya, stephen and others just to see where they are heading…

    the best way is for us to ask qustions – intelligent questions as you all suggest – and wait to see whther they get answered or not…. if not, we know what we think is true, and if they do, we only gain more insight. atleast pls people, stop speculating and accusing each other like this… just like mobs…
    let us not get into the mob psychology!!


  33. Stephen says:


    WordPress automatically put you in the moderation queue because you included an email address in one of your comments. The theme we are using does not allow that. If you wish to contact another reader, you will need to email us at the address listed in the “Conctact” tab, and then we’ll ask the other party if they would like to email you.

    Several other topics: (1) I agree with what Merlin posted about questions to Soraya: It’s not clear what you’re asking. If you post a set of direct questions, and phrase them in a reasonably courteous manner, she is likely to respond, as she has done so with others.

    (2) The suggestion to SonataH that he (or she) claim that you are an author was put forth as a joke! We’ve talked among ourselves about starting to post in your name, but really we wouldn’t actually do that. It was merely an amusing idea. As you yourself pointed out, Merlin’s tone sounds much more like our own, and he would be more believable. But we’ve “known” Merlin too long, and have too much respect for him to do anything like that. (I suspect the reason he may sound like one of us is that he’s a published author, and has a literate writing style.)

    (3) Calling the purported single author of this blog “brilliant” would have been a brilliant strategy for tempting that person to confess. Alas, no one of us is that brilliant. Together, though, we make a fine team, i think,

    (4) Regarding raising our Google rating: It currently stands at 0. Furthermore, the linkback feature shows few of the actual links. I wonder if Google itself is somehow intervening. That company has been discussed many times on thie blog. Put in the search term “Google” and you’ll find some interesting material. — Stephen

  34. SonataH says:

    Sorry, can’t tell you that, and i hope i didn’t foil their plan, its brings me an unending supply of amusement.

  35. Jimmy says:


    I’m pretty certain that this is a psychology project, but hey you got me to return multiple times, so it’s a success.

    I’m not afraid of a little controversy, I mean after all, it’s just blog comments. Sure, you know my email Stephen as an admin here, send it to SonataH. Posting in my name would only prove to me that you’re fake, which would be fine. I might stick around and read a bit more, or let my imagination be entertained elsewhere.

    On the point of using Google ads, why are you paying to get people to your site? What’s the point of paying for readers? Are you intending to sell something at some point? If this site was just for keeping track of your collective thoughts, and you “guessed” that at some point a group of immortals would eventually find you and start engaging you, and lo-and-behold it happens, what a great twist to the story.

    Sorry if I offended you by calling you or the Author brilliant. Of course, It’s plausible that there is more than one graduate degree psychology student involved in this process, entirely possible…in fact, even more probable than just one brilliant genius with multiple but contained personalities, and more likely to be pulled off.

    Maybe you’re not even grad psyche students, but just writers having fun with our imaginations. Again, we’re hooked, you did a great job.

    • Stephen says:

      I don’t think that I could easily be offended by being associated in any way with brilliance, even if I can’t take more than a small piece of the credit. Regarding the google ads, I did respond to that earlier. The reason we initially wanted readership was to attract readers who could help us, and also to attract immortals (or people claiming to be such, anyway.) We succeeded at both. Of course, we received many false claims of immortality, but in the central cases we have evidence. That evidence is described at various points on the site. Even though I’m a site administrator, I can’t put links here. But you can find a description of our evidence regarding “Oxadrenals” (an anagram of “Alexandros”) and of another immortal under the category “Proving Immortality.” We don’t actually post the confirming photos, etc., for reasons I’ve already explained, but can be summarized as “we’re not suicidal.”

      Other points: They didn’t find us accidentally. We were crowding them, so to speak.

      No, this is not a psychology project. No, there isn’t a movie launch behind this (though, if you’re a movie producer, and want to pay us enough money that those of us who have day jobs could quit them, we very likely would not turn you away!) This is entirely a labor of love, on many levels.

      Of course, there are writing skills involved, and, so, I will accept a certain portion of your kind compliments. And the various narratives provided by Oxadrenals are clearly fictionalized renditions (as he admits.) So he deserves even more credit. (That is, if you are reading the narratives, which are definitely slower paced than the blog itself, and therefore require a relatively heavy investment of time.)

      Also, of course we try to make the blog interesting. Left to my own devices, I would simply post essay after essay on my own opinions, but the others assure me that the blog would rapidly lose all of its readers were I to indulge myself in that way. So we do make use of rhetorical devices to keep our readers interest. In this we are no different from, say, Scientific American or the New York Times.

      But this is a purely amateur project. I know that in this cynical age that a project might be undertaken without expectation of profit is perhaps even more difficult to believe than that there are people in the world who do not age. But both are the case.

      • c says:


        “No, this is not a psychology project. No, there isn’t a movie launch behind this (though, if you’re a movie producer, and want to pay us enough money that those of us who have day jobs could quit them, we very likely would not turn you away!) This is entirely a labor of love, on many levels.”

        there is a film, they are making now about people who don’t age beyond being “25″ years old


        Vincent Kartheiser (“Mad Men”) has joined the cast of Andrew Niccol’s untitled Justin Timberlake-Amanda Seyfried thriller about a society where no one ages beyond 25, except for those rich enough to buy time.

        Cillian Murphy also stars in the New Regency pic, which 20th Century Fox will distribute.Kartheiser plays the father of Seyfried’s character, who is forced to choose between the daughter he loves and the oppressive time system that has made him rich.

        Also joining the cast is Collins Pennie. He plays right-hand man to Timekeeper Raymond Leon (Murphy).

        Project was previously titled “I’m.mortal.”

        From a script by Niccol, storyline follows a rebel from the ghetto (Timberlake) who is falsely accused of murdering a wealthy man for his time, and goes on the run with a beautiful hostage (Seyfried). New Regency picked up the high-priority project last spring. Storyline seems to dictate a youthful cast.

        Eric Newman and Marc Abraham are producing via their Strike Entertainment. Strike’s Kristel Laiblin is exec producing.

        Click for more articles on

        © 2007 Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

        • Strattera says:

          During the period when Jimmy was accusing us of many things, including that we were a movie launch, we thought of “admitting” to him that this was a Joss Whedon project. Or that Stephen was Stephen King. Or something like that.

          The film you’re talking about, it sounds like everyone dies at 25, not that they keep on living.

          • c says:

            well i think this movie currently reflects the present tones of the situation, not that every body dies at 25, but people still have a short life span(40s to 60s?), and if people wants to live way longer… it’s not allowed, because only the rich has access to the privilege of living forever. this is bondage, and the (a certain independent illuminati branch such as soraya’s) immortals has chances of letting it (longevity/immortality) happen but they’re going to control it by not letting it from happening.

  36. Jimmy says:

    “we’re not suicidal”

    Explain :)

    I’ve read your “proof”. It isn’t evidence, not in the least.

    Just say you can’t/won’t offer proof.

    • Stephen says:

      It’s not proof to you, of course, because we haven’t presented you with the details. It was proof to _us_. “Not suicidal” indicates that we prefer not to back the Immortals into a corner in such a way that it becomes a favorable option to kill us.

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