How can I defend myself?

By Soraya. September 28th, 2010

I Soraya, ruler of the Blue&Blacks, co-originator, with Alexandros, of the Immortal Illuminati, will attempt to answer a terrible question: “How can I defend myself?

A priest of the Temple of the Clouds (whose great gong is shown above) saw in vision a path to save tens of millions of lives: He must kill Hideki Tojo, else Tojo attack America and start a terrible war.

Tojo had not yet been born.

The priest was Buddhist, a man devoted to compassion. He had vowed to serve all sentient beings. His visions were never wrong.

He vowed to kill Tojo.

On the same single night, the pregnant mother of Hideki saw in vision that a man would try to kill her infant son. She called upon a Buddhist priest to pray for her son. That man lived at the Temple of the Clouds. He was the brother of the first man.

That second priest saw in vision that if Tojo died, Japan would not attack America; that if Japan did not attack America, America would not defend the world from a greater evil; and that if America did not defend the world, hundreds of millions would die. His visions were never wrong.

He vowed to watch over the infant.

His brother came. He tried to save the child without harming his beloved brother, but he could not. He killed his brother, but Tojo lived.

Which man was right, the brother-murderer or the infant-slayer? The one who knows, let that man judge me. Soraya


  1. Bob says:

    He should have had a vision to kill Hitler, 60 million or more died because of him. The nazis claimed influence from a super race of immortals, it looks like a little nation building by the immortals went a little haywire.

    I appreciate the some of you guys may want to make amends for your mistakes, immortality is great, so is restitution and providing answers about our history. Mankind is going to be great, either with or without your help.
    You guys are too slow on the uptake, you can’t figure out simple concepts like the nazis are bad. You dwell on good and evil, and chance. Try dwelling on good, justice, leadership, advancement etc. This tojo story is a perfect example of the good versus evil crap you guys thrive on, kill hitler dude!

  2. Jimmy says:

    Soraya, riddles now? Cmon, go back a few postings and engage your readers ;)

  3. SonataH says:

    I agree with JImmy, talk to us already!

  4. Bob says:

    Please quit answering Jimmy’s soft little questions and answer my questions.
    I understand that you may want to answer easy questions first. Because they are easy and reveal nothing about you.

  5. SonataH says:

    I just want a real response, not something that sounds like the babble-on program one of the authors uses.

  6. Strattera says:

    Bob: I think you may have misunderstood. In the story (which sounds more like a fable than reality to me) Monk #2 saved Tojo precisely in order to get America to fight the Nazis, in a kind of second-order plotting like all intelligence services dream about. (Tens of millions died in the Pacific Theater; more than a hundred million in the Western; plausibly even more than that had America not entered the war.)

    In any case, it wouldn’t have been within the reach of a late 19th century Japanese monk to kill a young Adolf Hitler in Germany.

  7. Stephen says:

    I might add, also, that Soraya’s discussion is more subtle than meets the eye. Monk #2 was, on the simplest level, saving an infant from murder. That’s basic human ethics. But the stated reason was more complex: the second order plot that Strattera mentioned.

    Admittedly, the specific scenario is far fetched. But, I agree, this is a fable. And, as Strattera (who is by my side just now) points out, leaders in war time do in fact make second-order decisions all the time, from feints on the battlefield to large geopolitical gambits.

    Churchill wanted to attack Hitler early; Chamberlain wanted to keep the peace. EG., Churchill felt that going to war sooner (making the political choice to cause thousands of deaths now) would lead to fewer deaths later. Isn’t that really the same kind of second order decision, if less fantastical than the one in the fable? And history has proved Churchill correct.

  8. Bob says:

    Strattera, hey dude, I got it. Well if they gave a vision to 2 monks in Japan, Hitler should have merited 10 visions from nostradamus to Jeannie in europe. And Hitlers mom and dad were just common folks, been real easy for a monk or seer to do it. The immortals seem to have a pussyfoot syndrome.

    One thing about Hitler in WW1 his company was wiped out many times over in battle but he always survived, real spooky shit.

  9. Bob says:

    Another problem with fable story. The US was in a war with Nazi Germany months before pearl harbor. The germans had sunk a US Navy destroyer in sept 41, war was inevitable.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Dear Author, no one has been answering my questions because that’s the point. My questions are not in reference to their “story” but puts the light on – illuminates – the “author”.

    And a brilliant author he/she is.

  11. Merlin says:

    Wrong, Jimmy. Nobody is answering you because you don’t make any sense. It must be nice to think you are the only real person in the entire universe, but that just isn’t the case. You are here, typing and reading comments, yet you think that none of the others commenting are real people – except to the extent that they are typed by the authors of this blog. GET OVER YOURSELF. I’ve already told you who I am. I’m disabled because I believed in the Constitution & Bill of Rights that you abuse to insult me and the rest. Don’t make me regret that.

  12. c says:

    You spend alot of time writing posts here to dis -prove the discoveries and investigations to be a hoax from the start. (you’re really going keep hitting against the wall really) You demand for more proof, from the website authors and Soraya. If you start to do your own research little by little, you might pick something up that immortals are real and they do exist. But of course, you never believed immortals are real anyway, what is the point of anybody trying to convince you with their existence is real in the first place?

  13. SonataH says:

    Soraya, both brothers were right, both believed that by performing a lesser evil, a greater evil would be stopped.

  14. Jimmy says:

    C, get real. I’m not about to drop my life, which I quite like, to go on a wild goose chase looking for immortals down to Santa Cruz, or wherever they say they are just for proof.

    If they have it, which I do not believe for 1 second that they do, or that Soraya is illuminati or immortal, but more of a figment of a great imagination of the Dear Author, then they can share it. I’m passing time here whilst at work – yes at a Job I really really like and can afford time on the net engaging in pass-time activities. No need to get all excited. It’s a game anyhow, and I’m sure that I’ll be censored again if the author(s) find my questions too challenging.

    On the flip side, if Soraya is 8000+ years old, she’s encountered much more skepticism and disbelief than what I’m presenting, and far more controversial or threatening situations. I should hardly pose a threat, or nuisance to her as her skin would be thick for such resistance to the idea. So I doubt you need to defend her/him/them anyhow :)

    And the point of people using REAL evidence to convince someone of anything, is the reason we are in an advanced technological age. You are suggesting that one need to believe in what anyone says is naive and absurd. There is nothing wrong with asking for tangible proof.

    If these ‘scientists’ and ‘researchers’ really are coding the genes of these immortals, do you really think that getting a press release through Time Magazine or any of the high profile newspapers is going to pose as proof when looking to convince the scientific community of their findings.

    This website is one big story designed to take your mind for a ride. As I, and others have said, they’ve hooked me and that (in my opinion) is their only purpose. I’m here, posting a few days in a row, afterall…they got me just as much as they got you. The difference is that I’m just not immediately gullible.

    What proof do you offer, dear Author / immortal illuminist?

    I’d be happy to meet with Ox and Soraya if they would like to come to my part of the world. They’re immortal, afterall, so time is irrelevant to them and judging by some of the postings it’s reasonable to suggest they have unlimited resources.

    They know where I’m posting from anyhow, basic IP check. I’ll even buy them dinner if they can guarantee my safety ;)

    • c says:

      I think you misunderstood…

      I’m not suggesting you go all the way and check those folks out upclose andpersonal in Santa Cruz cos you’re just going to get totally bitchslapped and a piss in the pants shock jock trauma or worse i can’t even possibly imagine what . Besides that, soraya and her folks are not the only immortals around! I never did publicly announced that i’m on their side. i know they exist and are not nice to mess around with. You also seem to hint, there’s no existence greater than average humans and Neanderthals around on earth.

      considering what you said
      “you are suggesting that one need to believe in what anyone says is naive and absurd. There is nothing wrong with asking for tangible proof.”

      What’s tangible proof, that the authors of this site can provide to you? if you mean photographs? public I.T. records? they got it and what makes you so privileged and trustworthy to be able to access them? are you a hanger on or a hungry attention seeker ? you don’t believe any of this and yet is not convinced and yet you want proof in ‘believing’ them. that’s alot of contradiction you’re showing here.

  15. Observer says:

    I once knew a history teacher that loved to tell that story of the monks’ visions, even to people that weren’t even her students…lol

  16. Observer says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask about the title of this post, as Ox had one previously with the same. Is this meant as something of a response to his? Or in stating this story are you basically saying how you live to defend yourself, by trying to forsee future events?

    (If the title wasn’t on purpose, I’m not sure, but won’t that confuse the search engine or maybe some readers?)

  17. Noneness says:

    Both monks were right. Right in their beliefs. Both wanted to save lives. Their mistake was intervening. They couldn’t see the full picture, but only each a part. Both could not let innocents die. I would say their only mistake was in having the vision in the first place. After all, if they would have done nothing, the same result would of occurred yet a brother would’ve lived.

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