Alexandros speaks

By Stephen. September 29th, 2010

I have no doubt that what we read in the newly posted installment 6 of Narrative 5: Janice Among the Immortals will provoke great controversy. As it should. (Note: Please use this blog post itself for comments. As the comments are now threaded, we can now choose which threads to participate in, and let us use this forum to burrow deeper rather than to attack one another.)

Janice quotes Alexandros as saying approximately the following things (I am editing slightly):

I was young when the ice sheets melted and the ocean rose to flood the world. I was young when the first great fields were tilled, and the foundations of Jericho laid. These I remember, and much more beside. So do others among us. We look back and see the human world becoming, and with memories so full we can also foresee. So it was in 1919 when as one world war ceased we saw a second war coming. As did many others, mortal as well as Immortal.

But we saw too what others did not: a flood of fire, a catastrophe so fearful only a god could create, and, yet made by the hands of mortal men. Yahanna too envisioned the nuclear gods, and she was amazed. And she gave us leave to delay that fire until passions cooled.

We could not stop the second world war from coming, but we could shape it. And so we did. We found two terrible men and brought them to power. Why? Because in blurred future sight, we saw that the great horrors of Stalin and Hitler would prevent a greater horror. And so it came about: though the nuclear gods did come to birth, the two powers that wielded these gods were chastened by the horror we had caused them to know, and found the wisdom not to unleash them.

Were we right to have touched history in this terrible way? Did we do good or evil? Was it an act of compassion to cause in clear sight the death of millions because we saw otherwise in blurred future vision the death of billions? Was this egoism or wisdom? Did we have a right to act? Or, did we have the right not to act, foreseeing as we did?

Janice’s comment after hearing this is as good a summary as any: “You create a Hitler knowing he’ll kill millions because you think that otherwise nuclear bombs will kill billions. That’s what you call stepping up. Or really awful. I’m not sure.

Nor am I. This is hard to swallow.

There is much more of interest in this installment as well, including credit given by the Immortals to mortals, rather along the lines of some things our reader “Bob” has said. But it is, in my opinion, overshadowed by ths one great matter; a matter foreshadowed, clearly, in Soraya’s fable. – Stephen


  1. Merlin says:

    Janice amazes me. Not only does she have a vivid memory, but she has a gift for describing this with detail and imagery that breathe life into it. She recognizes the gravity of the circumstances she is in, yet treats it with the bare minimum of courtesy and respect necessary – and realizes that she can get away with it because they need her.

    Standing at the crossroads of history, she would piss in all four directions and sit in the middle of the intersection. I like that! Nobody forces her to do anything – if she does it, it’s because she chooses to. Janice, you ROCK!

    • Flyss says:

      “Standing at the crossroads of history, she would piss in all four directions and sit in the middle of the intersection.” Well said! Also the part about the bare minimum of courtesy. She sure does stop at that! :-)

  2. c says:

    “We could not stop the second world war from coming”

    i don’t understand this… THe top eloominatis engineered the war in the first place and profited from it. why would they want to “stop” it ?

  3. c says:

    Will Alexandros ever get to have his side of things in this website? Why is Soraya doing all the talking…?

  4. Bob says:

    Wow! I admit thats a lot to be devulged at one time. I am taken back as to how to respond. First, it seems they are following the Kissenger doctrine of small brushwars to avoid the big one. Since Kissinger was more than likely connected with you guys, it makes sense. You guys have to live with yourselves concerning your actions, I would’ve pursued a different startegy. But Bill Brantley(?) of Gods of Eden fame was right, always a behind the scene hand in wars and nations. How about the JFK thing yaw involved in that one?
    JFK didn’t want to pursue the brush wars, so maybe your hand was there. Isn’t that how this web got started by a JFK Lincoln investigator?

    So what’s next world wide brush wars with China, Muslims, and Russians?
    Reminds of a Star Trek episode where Picard finds an immortal being who destroyed a civilization, Picard let him go as no law could judge him for his great guilt. Yaw might be approaching that threshold of judgement.

    • Stephen says:

      I think Kissinger would greatly admire her approach! So would Machiavelli, wouldn’t you say?

      Yes, Glenn was an avid investigator of the JFK assassination.

      • Bob says:

        Did the Illuminai get involved in the JFK event? I mean did the cuban missiles crisis so freak the immortals out they intervened and removed him a year later?

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