So much responsibility

By Kate. September 30th, 2010

So much responsibility
falls on the shoulders of my neighbor’s dog
A leonine golden retriever:

To guard the children.
Not to bite the children.
Not to tip over the trash.
To distinguish between friend and foe.
To come when called.
To guide the blind.

A dog can fail in a thousand ways
We ask nothing of our cats but that they should be beautiful. — Kate


  1. M says:

    Beautiful Kate!! i assume the meaning is deep , but i cannot notice it to that depth… whatever i have noticed is quite spot on!!

  2. Observer says:

    M is right! This has wonderful depth Kate. Well done!

    I like how it touches on our own expectations of positions. If you were to compare a politician to the dog, we expect so much of them that they should be able to protect our liberties while still being able to make changes for the betterment of the world. In direct contrast, an A-list movie star or model has none of those obligations but still gets paid with a ton of money & privileges.

  3. Flyss says:

    It’s kind of a statement honoring that the llluminati have a lot responsibility to go along with their knowledge. It’s also calling the Illuminati dogs. I rather like that mixture of messages! (This is my interpretation. I don’t know what Kate meant.)

  4. Observer says:

    That is what makes it go great, is the mixture of messages one can take from it. It can be interpreted in a thousand different ways & be made to correlate to a thousand different people/animals/things/what have you…

    Again, well done!

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