The Eldest

By Flyss. October 1st, 2010

Two updates in 24 hours. Probably that’s because the sequencing clock bumped up 10% in one go.

This installment is titled The Eldest, and it’s truly grand.

I met the Eldest myself, and I was blown away. But I couldn’t come close to describing what she was like.

Janice can. And what she writes is amazing. — Flyss


  1. c says:

    i can’t help thinking how similar the descriptions are of the Eldest from Janice and you!. Except the calves being poked and licking the tears off the face.

  2. c says:

    is this some kind of ritual she does when she tries to make friends with people

    • Observer says:

      I can’t say for certain that’s what she’s doing, but it seems like a reasonable assumption. It was once a wide practice to either lick or kiss tears. The belief was something along the lines of being soothing to the tearful person, showing that you care for them. By licking or kissing the tears, it shows you can empathize with the person, a sort of ‘taking the emotions into yourself.’

      I’m sure I’m not explaining this very well…Regardless, I think it corresponds to something a little deeper than just making an aquaintance… More of a true frend you want to have a lasting connection with, I’d say.

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