The power of words to enslave

By Kate. October 2nd, 2010

In installment 8 of Janice Among the Immortals. The Eldest is sharing some of her personal history with Janice. She comes to the point in time when language was invented. What she says is intriguing:

Words became thought, became power. Words slaved her. Then she became free.

It makes me think of how we can use words to control others. Think of ideologies and religions. Words are planted in the mind that resound and influence behavior a whole life long. Without words, could there be any “ism?” — Kate


  1. Merlin says:

    I’m sure you’re on the right track there Kate. I made the observation a short while back that at their root, it seemed that all religions could be reduced to one thing – the people at the top crave the power to control others by telling them what is good, what is bad, and how to be. Of course, I recognize that to be an over-simplification. It’s actually a 3 step process. One person becomes enlightened, and people who are seeking enlightenment are drawn to him/her. Being enlightened, the new “Master” is able to teach them the path he used and lead some of them to enlightenment as well. Step two begins when the Master steps down or dies. The students do the best they can to teach others “the way” to enlightenment, but they are using a second-hand road map, which they may not have reached the end of. By the time the last of the 1st Generation of students has passed on, enlightenment has been replaced by dogma, and spiritual freedom has been supplanted by slavery. The third generation of students are generally marked by the first successful leaders who wanted nothing but the power to control others.

    Or at least that seems to be the pattern, looking at the broad strokes of what is generally accepted as the histories of the major religions we still know, or know of. Could Soraya shed any light on my observations, I wonder?

  2. Bob says:

    I wasn’t impressed what the Elder said, on the contrary I was bored! I thought, how can someone be so trite and waffling. So what, if it was some old language, how about some old wisedom? The nazi mass killings of 13 million was a huge crime, if the eleder allowed the illuminati to bring these thugs to power then she has a lot of problems. The illinuminati are blind, arrogant and foolish. I figure the compensation for their artrocites should be in the trillions of dollars.
    Please I hope the Elder and her immortals do get discovered by the world.
    If it is true, a lot of agency’s will be looking, especially the Israelis! and the Mossad. Who will win the Black and Blues or the Mossad?

    • SonataH says:

      Hitler had quite a few dogs during his reign, that means they were involved with the Nazi party as well. Would you have them be charged with crimes against humanity, even though their not even human?

      • Bob says:

        They are human, just ones with a long life span. Come on, even the nazis themselves admit they had help from a group of super humans.

        The claim of Soraya and Alexandros that it was for the greater prevention of a future big war, that they actively brought the nazis to power is hogwash.

        We are being manipulated again, staged, for another war to supply the amusements of the immoratals. It will be the wrong war as we should wage a war against the immortals, to free humanity from their devilish grip.

  3. K'Rhiya says:

    Bob- It is my humble opinion that the powerful will always manipulate the powerless.

    • Bob says:

      So thats how they hold the power. But I say and speak, the illuminati’s power over mankind is over. We have the power they don’t. The illuminati are siphoning off trillions from the US economy and sending it to china. The illuminati have decided to pull the plug on the United States. But we will pull the plug on them. You can bet they were involved in the JFK event too. Time to bring them to justice and return the wealth to the people.

  4. K'Rhiya says:

    Bob- For that to happen you need to remove GREED from the major corporations that continue to outsource jobs. That like being visited by Santa Claus is not going to happen! As far as JFK goes, look at Johnson and not the illuminati.

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