In the eye of the storm

By Oxadrenals. October 3rd, 2010

In the storm’s eyeball now. Because this just happened:

Dr. Francine (who you’re reading about in Narrative 6) is just now staring at a bunch of letters and numbers on a screen. Knowledgeable sources tell me that what she is squinting so ferociously at is the genetic code of a True Immortal (our buddy Blair), scribbled out in that funny DNA language the Almighty likes so much.

I’m sure we’re in the stormtroopers’ sights.  Of course, if Dr. Selis can’t figure out anything to do with the aforementioned genetic scribble, those narrowed eyelids will shutter down.  But if she finds a way to use it to make us immortal — and I’m betting she will — then we got narrow-lidded storm troopers coming at us.

Or not. It all depends on that little finger I mentioned. — Ox


  1. Merlin says:

    Which makes some questions I’ve been asking myself very timely and relevant. Basically, I’m wondering just what type of template any possible therapy that comes from this would use. Would it work to preserve the existing template into perpetuity? If so, I would pass without giving it a second thought. I’ve already had 30 years with my existing disability – I don’t need or want a thousand more. But, if I could be repaired to the level of health and vitality that Blair enjoys, even worships, then it would become very tempting. Even knowing that there was still a degree of mortality (a bullet in the head will kill even a True Immortal, it would seem) I would find it very liberating to experience that degree of heath and energy once again.

  2. Observer says:

    Hey Ox, no offense to Francine or anything, but do you have someone on standby to be a sort of ‘second opinion’?

    Merlin, I think that’s exactly what they’re looking for, to return people to health & vitality. At the very least it seems they want to cure cancer with immortality.

  3. SonataH says:

    We have a major problem, what has happened to Kate, Ox?

    • Oxadrenals says:

      “Under the Protection of Soraya,” as it says on her Facebook account. Scrud. See my official opinion on that under the “Ugly News” post.

  4. K'Rhiya says:

    But why would anyone want to make the world immortal in the first place?

  5. c says:

    did something serious happened?

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