Narrative 6 — and what comes after

By Stephen. October 3rd, 2010

I have now posted all of Narrative 6, The Scientist. As I already mentioned, it begins at the end of Narrative 4, and fills in the details from the moment Menniss took Francine from her home (with a sliver of Blair’s tissue on ice)  up to the beginning of the genetic sequencing project. Unlike the others, it has two narrators: Francine Selis alternates with Richard Menniss. Also, there is a lot of serious science in this section.

Narrative 7 will follow soon after. I have not seen it, but according to Oxadrenals, it will span many months and bring us all the way to the present. That is to say, the last paragraph of that narrative will describe events that have occurred only days or hours before. It was written by Janice, and I am told it contains some of the finest writing in all the material. But for now, The Scientist. – Stephen


  1. Observer says:

    How does she deal with the build-up of ice particles in the sample?

  2. Observer says:

    To the readers, Ox has the best part in this whole narrative I think. His character’s nature becomes completely clear. I felt sorry as they went and fooled him a little, doing something a bit unnecessary.

    Props to you man!

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