Recording my protest

By Saul. October 6th, 2010

I wish also to lodge here my protest at the kidnapping of the creators of this “blog” by Soraya and her servants. ¬†Though I am confident they have not inflicted bodily harm on our friends, the loss of liberty is a great harm in itself. Here, as elsewhere, the behavior of the Illuminati has not been such as to call forth sympathy, but rather disgust. That they are powerful is not in doubt, but wise? Right? Entitled to respect? I fear not. — Saul


  1. c says:

    hmm what can you do in your power to rescue these people?

    can you ask the eldest for help? (hint hint “ask and you shall receive…”)

    • Oxadrenals says:

      Getting Saul to post was a lot. Getting him to comment on posts is asking too much. (Or, actually, asking is just exactly enough to make his eyebrows roll like toy boats in the Pacific.) But here’s what he says, more or less: Yes, they’re powerful. No, not as powerful as the Eldest, but much more willing to throw what they have around. She doesn’t interfere often, and when she does it’s usually just to alter a fine balance.

      She did give her protection to Flyss once, and I tried that angle with her, but she only smiled. (Well, she wrote me a smiling letter.)

      As to why we’re all just a bit terrified by her … well, to quote my old friend Raymond Chandler: “Somebody who loved me very much had put a bag of ice cubes on the back of my head. Somebody who loved me less had bashed in the back of my skull. It could have been the same person. People have moods.”

      • Observer says:

        Doesn’t it feel strange to reconnect with someone after years? Must take a bit of getting used to, to ‘fall into step’ once again.

  2. c says:

    No they;re not that powerful. the eldest is. can you tell us why every one including ox is so terrified of the eldest?

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