Approaching the Present

By Oxadrenals. October 7th, 2010

Three new installments posted. Janice is now entering the Immortality Project.

This is all still past tense — last winter. But in about six more installments you’ll reach the present tense. And it’s a tense time for me, I can tell you.

Not only can I, but I will. Only, not just now, because someone is banging down my door. Back at you soon. –Ox

Narrative 7. The Hospice

7. If I Don’t Remember

8. The Incarnation

9. Entering the Underground


  1. Bob says:

    Hope she gets better. Redwoods? Could be in New Zealand, which is the safest place to be to avoid nuclear war.
    Eldest, trying to be human? Caring for another?

  2. Oxadrenals says:

    Oh, the Eldest cares a lot. And she’s human. More human than anyone else I know.

  3. c says:

    Friends help each other if one of them asks for help. :-P

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