Would you now agree I did the right thing?

By Oxadrenals. October 8th, 2010

Remember when Stephen revealed that I’d been fooling all of you about who the Bounty Hunter really is, but that I was justified in the deception? At which  Flyss got furious, and then still more so when Kate admitted that she knew too?

But now I can explain myself: If Flyss had followed the real Bounty Hunter, she would have discovered where the Immortality Project is. But because I successfully diverted her (and it wasn’t easy!) she doesn’t know, and the others don’t either. Since they don’t know, there’s no reason for the Illuminati to interrogate them.

Would you now agree I did the right thing to fool all you just that little bit?

Whew. Hated to have to wait so long to explain myself. — Oxadrenals


  1. c says:

    i see it. You were really buying her more time… but she’s in the hands of those vampires now. They were all still going to get caught cos you warn them from the start about how you may be a joker with things but they don’t take anything as a joke

  2. Bob says:

    You outwitted theose slow witted illumati again, high five brother.
    Thats my point evolution is weeding out the elder and the illiminati as they are not the fittest, brightest, or wittiest. They just have a freak gene that soon all will have, high five bro.

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