October 3rd, 2010

By Oxadrenals. October 9th, 2010

The update going up tomorrow morning is special. For one thing, it has a discussion straight from Saul’s mouth about the friendship between Socrates and The Eldest.

For another, this blog gets mentioned.

Also, it covers several months and brings the narrative right up to October 3rd, 2010.

Remember what happened then? — Ox


  1. c says:

    okay, that’s just toying with people’s livelihoods.

    she can’t get away from feeding people to the leopards these days …

  2. K'Rhiya says:

    The Eldest allowing Kate and the others to be taken only shows she is not leaving things to chance. What is SHE up to?

    • Oxadrenals says:

      Allowing isn’t doing. She allows most everything in the world to happen! She takes action only very, very sparingly. But, as I understand it, she isn’t really “up to anything.” She doesn’t plan and plot like the Illuminati do. She’s totally, utterly, amazingly spontaneous.

      • c says:

        okay if she’s not intervening… i’m sure she’s very busy doing something like most mortals do… experience and have hobbies.

        • Observer says:

          I’d love to hear a tale, well read a tale, of her bungie jumping or skydiving or something. After all, chances are the cord won’t break & the chute will open, most of the time.

          • Oxadrenals says:

            People with dangerous hobbies don’t last long. She makes her big decisions based on chance. She doesn’t take a lot of chances. Not the same thing! A computer guy I met in a bar told me this story: “Two pieces of data meet at a router at the same moment. Which one gets through? The more random the decision, the better the router.”

            • Observer says:

              She doesn’t have to make it a hobby. Just decide one day, ‘you know I’d like to try this just once’ & there you go, spontaneity.

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