Invisible Words on an Invisible Scripture

By Oxadrenals. October 11th, 2010

It was on a knife’s edge for a minute.

Francine and Lemon had been talking about using a retrovirus to put immortality genes in someone’s DNA. The Eldest overheard them, and said this:

I have had myself taught about this DNA. I have learned of these words inscribed on a scripture hidden deep within the bodies of all beings. Words inscribed by some god or goddess who knew of writing four billion years before humans learned. And this creature you possess [she means the retrovirus], it shall on your instructions reinscribe this scripture?

Is that not sacrilege? Can I permit it? Can I sanction offense to a god or goddess I do not know, and one so powerful?

What Francine said in response didn’t exactly help, but, in in the end, Saul and Janice convinced her.

(Actually, what Saul says is pretty much the same as what Bob and a few other people commenting on this blog have said. Only he’s a heck of a lot more polite.) — Ox

Narrative 7. The Hospice

17. Deinos

18. Invisible Words on an Invisible Scripture

19. Menniss Wakes Up


  1. Merlin says:

    Ok, now I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the Asclepion narrative. Is it still told from Janice’s point-of-view? Who went first – Janice or Dr. Larson? How was the decision made?

    Ox, I hope that someday I have the pleasure of meeting you in person. Your humor and intelligence seem to me to be qualities very desirable for friends, and with my extended memory of livingness I’d certainly like to remember that you’re one of the good guys when I come around again (if I don’t get the chance to taste of immortality).

  2. Bob says:

    So now the Eldest is wondering what the Gods might think. Here is what they think. Elder you are not a god, not even close, essentially you are a genetic accident. You have taken the chance observations to exceptionally high levels of socratic extremes. You do have some mechanical powers you have acquired over the ages, you should have used it for the greater good, rather than glaring at folks. Get the fuck out of the way and actually do some good, help and lead this event. You are a genetic mistake, don’t get the big head.

    • Oxadrenals says:

      Is there anyone you respect a lot, Bob?

      • Bob says:

        I respect you oxy dude. Why? Because you have the common sense to listen without jumping to conclusions.
        Also Soraya, but she has been silent for awhile. The Eldest bugs me because of several reasons, one I am ex military, vets automatically question the authority of officers due to the overwhelming number of inept leadership in military roles. Good officers earn respect and command it, demanding respect is for wimps and bullies.

  3. C says:

    Does the Eldest have the ability to control the minds of animals?…

    what animal does she use to throw the enemies to, these days?

    Crocs? ….

  4. Oxadrenals says:

    I very much doubt she has hurt anyone in hundreds of years. Metaphor, guys. Metaphor!!

  5. C says:

    yeah like really? it seems like every one is absolutely terrified of her like she ‘s taken a life before… or she cook a delicious human for dinner

  6. C says:

    would you say you are also playing the game of Chance, it’s 50% for janice to survive or it’s 50% down hill for her. ?

  7. K'Rhiya says:

    That’s not Chance thats playing the odds.

  8. K'Rhiya says:

    Mole, once they have a viable retrovirus they can play god with all of humanity, deciding who gets it and who doesn’t. They will decide if only the smart ones get immortality? Or the rich and powerful? I seriously doubt that some drug addict will even be considered for it.

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