resurrection, Day 2

By Janice. October 14th, 2010

It’s resurrection day 2, and the place is lighting up with gratitude rays. ¬†Even Francine is taking it in. — Janice

Narrative 8. The Asclepion

8. Gratitude Rays


  1. Kate says:

    Hi everyone.

    Like Stephen, I have lots of stories to tell, but right now I’m riveted on what’s happening in Baehl/Oxadrenal’s underground.

    And right now, I’m worrying about Francine. It’s great that she’s opening up, but someone needs to keep an eye on her. Remember, she has bipolar tendencies . . .

  2. Flyss says:

    In case you’re wondering why we’re taking so long to get Janice, it’s because we have to make our way into Baehl’s underground without being followed. Which means we have to first make sure we can’t be tracked, then get lost, then sneak in. It’s not impossible, but it takes work.

    • Observer says:

      Why not just get her to meet you somewhere public in the above ground world?

      • Flyss says:

        She’s underground in the middle of redwood forest. She’s just starting to get over brain cancer. She sort of needs a bit of help!

        • Observer says:

          She had someone drive her to the underground while she was dealthly ill. She can certainly have someone drive her out again, now that she’s feeling better.

          • Strattera says:

            (a) Everyone who knows where the Underground is located is migrating into it, not leaving. Who would take the chance of leaving before becoming immortal, given that the Illuminati might stage a raid at any time.

            (b) In the eventuality that the Illuminati in fact haven’t located their target, then whoever gets her out has to do it stealthily. That’s not easy, and it’s especially difficult for someone whose mind is mostly on getting in.

            • Observer says:

              a)The narrative said several people have taken it already. Thus, one of them may be free to leave at any time.

              b)If someone has already gotten in, all they need do is worry about getting out with their passenger, Janice, in tow, after having already taken their dose & then meeting you guys.

              Of course, they’d want to be stealthy about their activities, but that seems to be the norm not the exception. So, I see no problem in her getting out to meet you guys in a better location.(Just saying, I think the way I mentioned sounds safer for all those in Ox’s underground…It just makes sense)

  3. Soraya says:

    You may spare yourself the challenge. We know exactly where it is.

    • Bob says:

      Of course they know! If this is true and the government gets whif of this breakthrough they will shut it down so fast it will make your head spin. Homeland security, CIA, NSA, MI5, etc, there is no way they will sit on the sideline, a major breakthrough like this will not be allowed to progress. The CIA does know where you are, you can bet on it. But they can’t find osama bin laden go figure. So you might be ok.

      • Oxadrenals says:

        Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Yeah, I’m a clown. But am I crazy like an ox? or like a fox?

        • K'Rhiya says:

          Ox glad to see you’re still around. Have missed your witty comments. I hope everything goes as you planned.

          • Oxadrenals says:

            We’ll see soon. If I were a Tolkien fan, I’d say “Men of the West! Stand and wait! This is the hour of doom.” But being more of a Mervyne Peake sort of guy, I’m just standing tight, groaning and aghast.

  4. Flyss says:

    Yes, Mistress! We shall obediently lead you right there! Because we love you and trust you!

    Actually, on second thought … how about you go fuck yourself first? (Just a thought.)

  5. c says:

    welcome back kate….

    francine is carrying alot on her shoulders at the moment.. maybe guilt trips too… esp when she knows she’s on the chopping board…ughh….

    it’s francine and ox vs those vampires… now… i think i know who will throw bigger sling shots back at each other at the moment

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