Some Serious Sangfroid

By Oxadrenals. October 16th, 2010

It takes some serious sangfroid for me to just go ahead and post this, even if I do say so myself.

This is the final installment of the Asclepion,written by two of my ghostwriters, “SB” and “KT.” They put it in first person, but it’s actually made up out of what the camera and microphones showed them.

ObservingAll will shortly make an announcement that shows how well I sing the froid. (gulp) — Ox

Narrative 8. The Asclepion

14. The Tree of Life


  1. K'Rhiya says:

    Ox-Your a mad man. And I think it is a good thing.

    • Bob says:

      Oh Ox you are so bad, Krhia thinks you be so mad. Ox dazzle us more with your froid gulps. Technically speaking the eldest should be black as that is where the gene pool originated from, for here to be polynesian is not a statistical possibility. There is black elder somewhere but i assume the nazi loving super immortals kidnapped her or him and gave it to someone else as the role of supreme wise being, typical san fransisco style. The left wing nuts have lost it.

      • c says:

        Bob, you’ve really lost your marbles, haven’t you?

        • Bob says:

          No, the human race originated from Africa, the first humans were black. It is statistically impossible for the Eldest to be any race but black african. She claims to be one of the first, at the time of speech, then she has to be black. Pretty simple if you read your history books, but a lot folks here don’t, thats ok, it just makes it tough to explain everything at a 8th grade level.

          • Stephen says:

            Respectfully, Bob, this is not necessarily the case.

            Certainly it is true that Homo sapiens originated in Africa. But skin color is relatively fluid genetically; certainly on the order of thousands of years it is. The Eldest is said to be 75,000 years old. She would therefore have been born about 25,000 years after the consolidation of the species. (It is not at all clear when speech began, and to assume it began at the dawn of Homo sapiens is merely an assumption.) The diaspora out of Africa was already old. Skin color would already have differentiated a great deal.

            Furthermore, it is also not at all clear that people living in Africa 100,000 years ago had the classic dark black skin tone we associate with Africans. The San (“bushmen”) people occupied most of Africa before northern Africans pushed them into the Kalihari, and their skin tone is of quite a different type.

            In any case, nowhere was it stated that she “was Polynesian.” Just that she looked Indonesian or Polynesian. The San people themselves at times are thought to look Indonesian.

          • c says:

            the polynesian race was an original blend of the black and chinese races together (Maoris, Tahitians etc) . Same goes for the indians of India…

  2. Bob says:

    All the leaders in this story line are women, The eldest, Janice, the doctor, and all the men are weak little dudes. Don’t you think this is odd? The Eldest and most wise person is female who can’t make up her mind. The others are terrified to men and relationships, sounds like a story line right out of the bay area.

  3. STrattera says:

    Absolutely everyone, you’re right. Except for the head of the Illuminati (Alexandros), the guy running the immortality project (Oxadrenals), the wisest and truest fellow around (Saul) and the founder of this blog (Stephen.)

    But, hey, I get it, you’re one of those reverse discrimination guys who thinks that white male heterosexuals are always getting the short end of the stick. And what you mean by short is “less than almost all of the stick.”

    • Bob says:

      I don’t like rich white boys, get it. Why would you think I was white and why would it make it difference? How come all illuminati are whites or off whites? Where are the brothers? I see not only are you sexist but you have other issues. I guess Jesse Jackson needs to check this Eldest lady out.

      All the men have small minor roles in the story, if you think it means something more, than thats another indication of your little warped mind.

  4. SonataH says:

    Bob, I;v been trying to be nice, but fuck off. If you continue to be an ass to people on here, then I will make it my personal mission to fuck with you every chance I get, regardless of whether or not you are right about the worthless crap you continue to spout off. Remember, you asked for this.

    • Bob says:

      I am not the ass, you and your pals are cussing and tossing the name calling, your the ones with no class. You can’t handle anyone disagreeing with your worldly views.

      I am also terrified, on please don’t cuss at me. Don’t kidnapp me, like that would hard to escape from, the other einsteins walked out, I get it, they cussed at the guards and called them names, works every time.

  5. SonataH says:

    If i were to kidnap you, you wouldn’t get away. In the town I’m from, its still legal to hang people like you from the water tower.

    • Bob says:

      Pray tell what heathen town are you from? Jesus, do you realize how racist you are coming across? I think you just pissed off the brothers of the world. No one is going to hang, in fact you will be apologizing, so just shut the fuck up, and tell the Elder to shut up also. The nazis are gone, no more hanging, no more ovens, no more illumninati running around in white sheets. Tell your other bitches to shut the fuck up also.

  6. SonataH says:

    Oh no, not a rascist statement, just a fact of most small towns around the country. I said it because if I kidnap you, I won’t take you to a place where getting away is the smartest idea, I’d take you to a place where escaping the kidnapper would get you killed before you got to safety. And I happen the have a lot of friends who are “brothers”, and I’ve told them the exact same thing, as a warning to stay away from small towns.

  7. SonataH says:

    Apparently not, none of the old authors have popped on to tell me to stop. Hell, as far as I can tell, they want you to shut up as much as everyone else does. And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m the only one really acknowledging your posts and that’s only to fuck with you.

    • Bob says:

      Yeah right, then all of you have serious issues. Hell you fucks supported Adolf Hitler, what else can we expect from a bunch of racist aholes like that!

      • Saul says:


        Perhaps if we were to separate the personal rancor from the issues, we could more successfully receive the ideas you present. I do recognize that what are called “left wing” ideas are more represented here than what might be called “conservative” or right wing ideas. This is in part due to the relatively extreme thinking of Dr. Selis. But, as well, the most influential of the blog authors, Kate, is without doubt a feminist, and Flyss and Strattera are lesbian lovers with an additional complication. These characteristics no doubt place to the forefront another large set of “left wing” ideas. (Strattera herself is a Republican, though, I should note.)

        Reading back through this site I discern that Glenn, when he was alive, presented more of a center-right position, but in his absence the balance did palpably shift. And many of those who comment frequently (with one significant exception) adhere to what are often called “New Age” ideas.

        Thus, it is understandable that you would feel that the material here is biased. I believe that in fact it is.

        But the tendency to descend to invective is unfortunate regardless. Here, I am not blaming you, as there has been invective on both sides. It would be my request that we listen, hear and discuss rather than condemn. But that is only a request.

        On some matters of detail: I am only a Hafeem. I am not an Illuminatus. I did not support the Nazis. I agree that of all the evil men who have ever lived, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were the most effective in their evil; committed the most direct harm; murdered more than it was conceivable could be murdered, and damaged the minds of still more.

        And yet I say, though I am no lover of the Illuminati, they are not the bogeys of history they have been made out to be. They have often done good, not ill.And it was truly their belief (whether wrongly or not, whether they had the right to make such a decision or not) that if World War II were not fought by the early 1940s, there would be a world war with nuclear weapons, much, much worse than the admittedly extraordinary evil that did occur. It was this that they sought to avert. Personally, I do not believe anyone has the wisdom to make such decisions, not even the Eldest. But, though they may be arrogant, egotistical and inflated, and their acts may seem evil or be judged evil by the current standards of world law, the Illuminati do have consciences and do not intend evil. At least, that is my opinion. — Saul

        • c says:

          I personally think JFK was sincerely trying to do good for his people, but the illuminati realised this and decided to eliminate him.

  8. K'Rhiya says:

    Sonata if you keep posting to “Bob”,”Bob” will always reply. Whether we see their point of view or not, it’s not worth the animosity being generated here. Why focus on the past when it can’t be changed.

  9. C says:

    Bob, you’re not making sense anymore. You’ve gone over board with swearing and insulting every one here.

  10. SonataH says:

    I apologize for creating “animosity” K’Rhiya, but I can’t help it when an imbecile such as “Bob” continues spout off facts from history while ignoring the fact that if those people hadn’t performed the actions that they did, we would not have the aspects of daily life we take for granted.

    • Saul says:

      SonataH: I do agree with you that Bob has not demonstrated on this site a great knowledge of history. But that does not mean he fails to possess it, nor that he is an imbecile. He is reactive, certainly, but that is a common fault in this medium, as I understand it: people who would never insult each other in person do so casually “online.”

      I understand also that some of us have great sympathy for Janice, and Bob’s offhand criticisms sting. But, she is certainly a woman who is not afraid of offending, and she does so. That both Baehl and I have come to cherish her is in part a matter of knowing her in person; in part a matter of not being overly critical of certain aspects of her life.

      In any case, I would be happy in the future to provide Bob, and others, with the direct historical accounts Janice was not interested in. Certainly, yes, I knew some historical figures; Socrates, as has been described, and the Earl of Oxford (who, in fact, was the author of “Shakespeare’s” plays. I did not know Jesus, but Paul and I did converse a great deal, and I include Augustine among my great influences.

      But I am running on. The story reaches its conclusion. I should not detract from it.

      • Bob says:

        Thanks Saul. History? Hell dude I had straight A’s in history all through college, so please show a little mercy.
        You are right I would love to read or hear what you experienced, knowledge is power, not immortal life.

        • Saul says:


          Please let me reiterate. I did not state that you lacked thoughtful knowledge of history, just that in your representation of yourself via these “comments” you have not shown that side of yourself. This medium or “media,” this means of communication seems to incite emotional reactions rather than thoughtful reflection.

          I do recall when letter writing transitioned from clay to papyrus; from cuneiform to proto-aramaic. Before that, when one received a letter, it came in a cart drawn by a slave and weighed upwards of several hundred pounds. It was fashionable then to complain that this new form of writing in a form so light as to be blown by the wind, and so flammable that a spark would consume rather than indefinitely preserve, would cause to be lost forever that solid reality to be found in the letters of old.

          By which I mean to say that it would be foolish in me to complain about recent changes in media, despite my inclination to do so.

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