Alexandros vs. Baehl

By Multiple-Authors. October 17th, 2010

We have now posted a description of the confrontation between Alexandros and Baehl/Oxadrenals. (We had briefly posted this and the next one earlier, but withdrew them for further editing.) — SB & KT, writing for Richard Menniss

Narrative 9. The Invasion

4. Alexandros vs. Baehl


  1. C says:

    what will they do with Baehl… for now? i can’t bring myself to type the words cos it’s too horrible to think about his fate.

  2. Saul says:

    Maintain your peace, dear C.

    Sometimes small actions have consequences that reverberate. That is how The Eldest works. We do not understand her at the moment she makes her choices. But then the effects trickle through and we see that 75,000 years of life have truly made her wise.

  3. K'Rhiya says:

    I can see Alexandros’ point, though i don’t agree with it. I do however have a problem with his overall attitude. Why does he think that only the immortals should be allowed to live a long time? He is not my “God” and i will never bow to one such as he.

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