Note from the Ghostwriters for Richard Menniss

By Multiple-Authors. October 17th, 2010

Because it is now safe to do so, we have added back some detail previously suppressed about how and where Menniss built his safe room. This information is gathered in a page titled “Safe Room,” and can be found as a link off of the page titled “Gunfire.”

We will also soon publish, in the form of a flashback, Francine’s recollections of what happened during her manic episode. It contains important information.

Currently, there are three updates posted, as shown below.¬†We are writing as quickly as we can. — SB & KT

Narrative 9. The Invasion

1. Gunfire

2. The Blue&Blacks

3. Alexandros


  1. Flyss says:

    So, apparently, Alexandros has silver hair. (I never saw him face to face when I was in the Illuminati underworld.) But he’s a True Immortal. Does that mean he bleaches his hair just for the effect? These guys are so, so vain. And that dramatic entrance: punching a hole in the ground to insert an elevator shaft. I mean, why?

    • Kate says:

      I don’t think it’s exactly vanity: It’s more that they have a sense of propriety regarding themselves. Queens and Kings wear crowns, not out of personal vanity but because it suits the role. The Illuminati believe that they have a unique historical role, and they feel that it is only appropriate to honor that role with the correct trappings. The fact that these trappings are somewhat archaic and strange to the modern mind is a side issue!

      On the other hand, I do believe that most Queens and Kings are also vain on a personal level, and the Illuminati are no exception. But they are certainly world historical beings. This isn’t a value judgment. World historical people can do terrible things as well as wonderful things! Or both at the same time.

    • c says:

      i thought true immortals aren’t supposed to age or have grey hair!!. oh maybe their deeds are catching up within their system… can’t hold it longer when stenches of destruction and arrogance are floating around them…

      • Observer says:

        C, the whole ‘silver hair’ thing is typically the way writers describe extremely pale blonde hair, either natural or dyed… Of course, it could also be a dye or something to give his hair a silverish, ancient, look.

        • c says:

          only janice would know the truth about this. She’s seen him before.

          i’m feeling that he probably have an appearance of a man in early 40s’?

  2. Strattera says:

    The violence down there was horrible, though. I could feel it coming when we were down there pulling Janice out. There was the cylinder of immortality virus; the threat of invasion hung overhead. Anyone in that situation would want to grab the virus and get out of there. But mob psychology is self-destructive. Always.

    I have to agree with Menniss: It’s very ironic that Alexandros managed to arrive as a peacemaker. I would think that it suited his vanity to wait until just that moment.

    • c says:

      it’s all an act…a brilliant actor. they did it again as they did back in the reigns of nazi germany. Hitler was just their puppet… Their biggest enemies will be the Jews…. if they ever come across this website.

      • Stephen says:

        I’ve been avoiding this tender issue for some time, because there is so much antisemitism in the conspiracy world. But I happen to be Jewish.

        I’m not part of any Jewish bankers cabal, though. I don’t work for AIPAC either. I’m not terrifically fond of Israel. But I _am_ Jewish, and I do have many relatives who died in the Holocaust.

        • c says:

          i’m sorry to hear… but that’s what blue and blacks want to create in the first place…. Ethnic tensions… and more ethnic segregation…then it’s world war 3 or 5 all over again… then the royalties and important government figures set memorial buildings in honor again, and give some phony speech about recognising human diversity and sufferings/loss of lives…and sacrifice for their country to gain freedom for their future generations…

        • c says:

          i feel i should make a clarification here: it really should be people who identify themselves as Jewish culturally, mentally and emotionally… I hope i’m not going to cause a controversial thread of further comments…

  3. Bob says:

    We don’t need some ignorant racist immortal to predict the future, duh, if the whole world is immortal than the world will run out of resources, duh, really! Real smart. How many thousands of years of education did that brilliant statement take? Oh well Ineed to get ready for the counter attack from my friend, the one from the small town with water towers.

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