The Holocaust

By Multiple-Authors. October 17th, 2010

We have no comments to make on this horror, other than that, amazingly, it is not the last word. — SB & KT, writing for Richard Menniss

Narrative 9. The Invasion

5. The Holocaust


  1. Stephen says:

    This is genocide. The ends don’t justify these means!

    • K'Rhiya says:

      It does for those who think they have the right to do what they please without reprisal. Sad to say, but in this case iI have to agree with Bob. The Illuminati and the Eldest should be brought to justice.

      • Saul says:

        No doubt it is because you lack personal acquaintance with her, but you are still misreading the Eldest. She does not attempt to rule history as the Illuminati do. She places no more than the pressure of one finger. But it is a marvel what such a light touch can do.

        (Of course. I also have benefit of hindsight, as the events being described here occurred last night. The outcome is indeed remarkable. I trust that when you reach the end your view of the Eldest shall at last shift.)

        • K'Rhiya says:

          It is true I have not had the opportunity to meet the Eldest, and maybe I have misread her actions or lack thereof. I can only speak for myself when I say I do not wish to die just as yet. But I also don’t like having the outcome of my life dependent on ones that have lost the zest for life in and of itself. The Illuminati like having power over so many, and the Eldest allows them that power.

          • c says:

            those hafeems and hanger ons had free will to leave asap but they chose to stay…why? they wanted the virus so bad because they feared death coming to them… and so it did because the obssession to live long and be young became a ‘drug’ addiction for them. they manifested their fears to fruition.

            • K'Rhiya says:

              I could be wrong, I never said I was ALL knowing, but seems to me that they stayed because the virus was dangling in front them. But again, I could be wrong.

            • Saul says:

              C: Here I think you have struck on a central insight. This is the great risk in offering immortality: that, like any great treasure, it will raise up soul-deforming lusts.

          • Saul says:

            K’Riya: The Eldest does not possess totalitarian power; that is to say, like anyone who leads, she must limit her intercessions. To intercede successfully, she must do so sparingly. Were she to attempt to absolutely rule the Illuminati, they would of necessity rebel.

            Does this make sense?

            • K'Rhiya says:

              Saul- Yes it does. And I can also understand why she cannot interfere more often. Though I do have other concerns and questions I will defer until later to post them.

            • c says:

              Correct me if i’m wrong, Wise One…

              she help Alex and Soraya to create the Illuminati, Did she not?

  2. c says:

    i’m just curious to know.. is all of santa cruz forest considered government or private property?

    i ask someone to check out this site. he said he doesn’t want to get involved with knowing more. it’s depressing stuff and he’s got less time for the future… and i quote him… their destinies have been set since birth.

    • Saul says:

      The outcome that you shall shortly read of may be frightening; will be deafening in its consequences; shall be a revolution in the history of the world. But depressing: I do not think that by tomorrow you shall call it depressing!

      • c says:

        Not really, something great (for the present) and not great came out of it… (in the eventual future)

        I will rejoice in the good news first… yay. I spend too much money trying to be /keep healthy…

    • Stephen says:

      Most of it is private.

  3. K'Rhiya says:

    Did anyone consider the fact that not all mortals will have the same reaction to the retrovirus? That it might in fact cause some people to die due to an allergic reaction? (I know Ox I as cynical as always)

    • Kate says:

      There are many unexpected consequence; many possible tragedies. Many ironies. What Francine did may kill more people than the holocaust it was intended to prevent.

    • C says:

      how can it kill? it’s a friendly immune system virus that fixes up all your nooks and crannies.

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